The Second Annual Illini 4x4 Safari, held by the Two Rivers Jeep Club was another great success. Pittsfield, Illinois once again played gracious host to this event. As usual, Pittsfield was covered with "Welcome Jeepers" signs!

Although the area had again seen significant amounts of rain in the weeks leading up to the event, the rains held off enough to allow some drying of the trails, especially Ridge Rambler.

Friday saw the Ridge Rambler crew depart with a small yet enthusiastic group ready to hit the trails. With Hamer and Jenny Tate leading the group, and me tailgunning, we proceeded to the "Old" Farm and a quick driver's meeting at Hamer and Jenny's beautiful log home. We then proceeded onto the trail for an enjoyable morning of trailriding. After eating lunch back at the cabin, we proceeded to run the south side of the farm, including the pipeline and Slide for Life. Hamer, Jenny and I swapped places for this section of trail, and I was leading the group through the scenic south side. Our "excitement" started as we travelled from the Slide for Life to the Pipeline...A herd of Cattle decided that our nicely cut trail across the CRP made an ideal resting place in the afternoon sun. Some gentle encouragement and this first heard decided to mosey out of our way. After running the pipeline, we proceeded to the final section of trail on the old farm....and found another group of cattle awaiting us. After convincing them to moooooooovvvveeeeee, we completed the trail and drove over to the "Mcartney" Place. This section of trail was newly cut this year, and had not yet seen a wheel turned over the trail. We broke the trail in right, and ran the rest of the property, finishing up at 4pm and heading back to town.

Saturday Morning found us back at the Legion enjoying a good breakfast. It had rained overnight, and many of us were wondering what condition the trails would be in that day. Much to our surprize, Ridge Rambler got no rain, and the trail was in excellent shape. Our group was an eclectic collection of vehicles, Jeep TJs, YJs, XJs, and aWilly's CJ2-A. As Hamer had a morning committment, Jenny and I had a guest trail guide with us....Fuzzy. Jenny took point on the trail, with Fuzzy running mid-trail and myself "pulling up the rear". We proceeded out onto the trail following the trailhead meeting, and enjoyed wheeling until we reached the big hill leading into Walnut Grove. One Jeep developed front axle problems, and, as it was nearing lunch time, we took him out via the bypass and returned to the cabin. The Willy's and the injured Jeep YJ decided to "call it a day" (Willys due to limited fuel), but we managed to pick up a special guest for the afternoon....Jim and Lisa Catt joined us, straight from their wedding earlier that morning! Hamer also joined us at lunch, and the crew went back to trailrunning for the afternoon. The only real "excitement" during the afternoon run was the discovery of a badly washed out area on a section of trail we had not run the previous day....a large load of rock had washed out of a crossing....quick work replacing the rock fill enabled us to continue running. After completing the trails on the old farm, we again travelled over to the Mcartney place and ran the trails. We finished up about 4pm after a satisfying day of trailriding. Saturday Dinner was excellent as usual....and SURPRIZE! I Won one of the big prizes....a JeepBox!

Until the Next Event....

John Huebner

Trailguide (Tailgunner), Ridge Rambler

19 May 2003



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Running on Friday

Jenny Tate Leading the way

Hamer Tate Showing How

Tailgunner's Jeep (ahem)

Quick Stop on the trail

Having Fun?

Quick Strap!

Just a little Tug

Comin' through


Lou Goodman - Ya Mon...

Content passenger


Thursday - Garry Shadwick

Doing Tech Inspections


Da Mistress!

How Embarrasin!

Confab at Willy's

Easy....easy...nice and slow

Piece of Cake!

Well, I's busted!

Happy Honeymoon!

What, Me Worry?


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