2002 4x4 Blast

Ridge Rambler Trail

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The 2002 Two Rivers Jeep Club 4x4 BLAST was a great success. Pittsfield, Illinois once again played gracious host to this event. The Town was covered with "Welcome Jeepers" signs, and the Mayor attended the Saturday evening dinner function.

Although the usual carnage occurred, all parties enjoyed the excellent trails, good food, and camaraderie that typifies Jeepers and Four Wheelers. Fears of a Hot, dry and dusty event were quickly washed away when a summer weather pattern dumped over an inch of rain on the trails on Friday morning. Trail ratings increased in some cases, the temperature moderated, and the dust became wonderful mud! Could it get ANY Better than this? Well, yes, it can. Dinner both Friday and Saturday night was excellent, and a multitude of Door and Raffle prizes were awarded to the many participants.

Speaking of participants, a special thanks should be given to ALL who attended. When the call went out to the participants to help raise money to buy a much needed piece of emergency rescue equipment for a local volunteer fire department, everybody responded in magnificent fashion, purchasing every raffle ticket available. This really does reflect well not only on the type of people who attend TRJC events, but all of us in general.

Well, what about Ridge Rambler Trail Rides? Well.....We had a BLAST.

We hit the trail Friday morning with a small group of vehicles (all the better to cover trails easily!). A number of people returned to run Hamer's Highway (just kidding Hamer) again, having run it at the 4x4 Safari in May...including our intrepid "Scout". They were Determined to MAKE IT UP THE PIPELINE! As we began our trail ride, the skies continued to darken...at around 11am...they opened up. TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS! Of course, I left my windows and door skins back at the campsite...

We beat a quick path out of the creek, and made our way to Hamer and Jenny's beautiful log home....where we waited out the rain and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. We decided to take seven creek road over to the Summer Hill properties, and ran the rest of the afternoon problem free.

Saturday, we returned to the lineup point with only two vehicles signed up to go out with us. By departure time, our number had swelled to seven...again a very good number to take out. The Scout was still determined to Make the Pipeline...so, we headed there first...well, immediately after the "Slide for Life" hill. I am happy to report that not only did the Scout Make the pipeline, It did NOT require a strap All Weekend!

We ran carnage-free until the afternoon. First, Mangler had to leave due to a fuel problem. Now we were nine (including trailguides). Then, the M-38 took a Harpoon-like stab to it's underside. Removal of the stick, a couple whacks with a heel, and they continued. Next, the Scout stabbed a tire, which was easily replaced. Who'da thunk on a "1" rated trail we could bust things? Finally, Yours Truly managed to knock the rear axle out of alignment...sheared a rear spring locating pin! The rest of the trail ride was uneventful, and all had a great time.

John Huebner

Trailguide (Tailgunner), Ridge Rambler

20 August, 2002


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Thursday Pictures - Check-in

Airing Down

Tech Inspection 1

Tech Inspection 2

Tech Inspection 3

Anxious to go Trailriding and Climbing?

YJ On Articulation Ramp - Nice MB Holding Ramp!

Friday Pictures - Trail Ride on RidgeRambler

Trailhead Meeting

It's Raining!

Quick Dash to Lunch!

Eat Lunch while it rains

We Got Rain!
No Strap Here!

Bring the Strap Please!

The Scout on the trail...No Straps This Weekend! (Good Job Guys!!!)

Saturday Pictures - Trail Ride on RidgeRambler


Scout Does Pipeline

Mangler on Pipeline

Hamer Spoting in the woods

the Intrepid Scout had a good weekend ...

Hamer: "Eh, Wazzup"?...OOPS

First Step, Loosen those Lugnuts...

Next, Replace That Tire! (Why isn't the driver doing that?)

Awaiting Repairs to the Scout's Tire

Unique Parking brake on M-38

Driving back into the Woods again...

Ridge Rambler - a Group Photo

My Jeep

Jenny Tate's Jeep (with baby swampers)

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