Two Rivers Jeep Club - 2000 4x4 Blast Trail Report


From the Trail: Friday, 18 August 2000

On Friday, Trailguides Rick Culberson and Bruce Woodbridge lead 16 Jeeps and 1 Isuzu Amigo to Pokey's trail. As the group was airing down and locking in, Pokey arrived at the trailhead to run with the group. The cool August morning saw 18 vehicles uneventfully negotiating the trail. Trail Riding

The only casualty the morning portion of the trailride saw was a blown tire on one of the Jeep Scramblers. No tow straps were employed before Lunch! The real fun began after lunch. As the group wound it's way towards "Articulation Alley" Articulation Alley 2, our intrepid trailguide Rick tried a new path through the creek as he approached "Piece of Cake" hill. A quick tug with a tow strap extracted him from his dilema and he was on his way. This was a portent of the rest of the afternoon run. While climbing one of the many hills on Pokey's trail, the Scrambler which had previously blown a tire bent the front driveshaft. After examination and discussion, Pokey helped Lyle off the trail and gave him instructions to the nearest repair shop. From this point through Articulation Alley the only other damage sufferered was a sheared off mirror on one of the Wranglers.

Finally, the group came to the final obstacle on Pokey's trail: "Humbling Hole". The first two Jeeps cleared this obstacle cleanly. Pokey was next up the hill. With good spotting by Rick, Pokey went cleanly over the cleft. Stopping, Pokey was heard to exclaim "That wasn't even Challenging!" So, he backed down and reapproached the obstacle. Taking a different line, he once again cleanly cleared the cleft. However, three's a charm, and on is third run at the hill, Pokey succeeded in laying his CJ cleanly on the driver's side. After a good laugh, two winch cables were run and the CJ was righted onto it's wheels and pulled to safety. As the rest of the group ascended "Humbling Hole", some took the bypass while others successfully cleared to the top of the hill. The Sole Jeep Cherokee (XJ) in our group challanged the hill, and promptly placed his flame red Jeep on it's side. Strangly enough, there was no body or paint damage to the Jeep, as it landed and rested on the driver's side mirror! The paint never touched the ground. Out came the winch cables, and the Cherokee was pulled to safety, with no damage other than that suffered by the driver's honor.

John Huebner


Two Rivers Jeep Club member