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Fresh Ideas – New Direction for 2013

2013 is the band’s 10 year anniversary.  God has taken us a long way since Riverbend 2003, and He isn’t through with us yet!

It is too early to give a lot of details.  We are still in the brainstorming phase of the plan.

Over the next few months we will be revealing bits and pieces of the plan.

Over the years we have developed a “friend-base,” including fans, bands and venues.  Please pray for us and check back for updates.

We will announce a launch date as soon as we can project one.


Chapter 3 – jŏn•dō  Unplugged

Chapter 1: 2003-2007

jŏn•dō started as a three piece, with Robin, Jason and Trevor.  For most of that time, Jason and Trevor were in middle and high school.  It was a great time of learning and experimentation, with the do-boys getting their stage legs.


Chapter 2: 2009-2011

jŏn•dō became a four piece when Cody joined on guitar.  Cody and Trevor had just graduated high school and Jason was a working man.  With practice and experience, the band’s songwriting, musicianship, and stage skills developed and matured – the team was complete.  God opened a lot of doors, and the band played almost as many shows in the two years of Chapter 2 as it had in the four years of Chapter 1.


Chapter 3: 2011-?

In 2011, Trevor moved to Chattanooga to study at Chatt State.  The boys are now men working full time jobs, and/or going to college.  We made it through the last half of the year with little or no rehearsal time, as it got tougher to coordinate everyone’s schedules.  But God isn’t through with us yet.  We’re not saying there won’t be any more electric shows.  We’re just saying it makes more sense to move to an acoustic vehicle for now.  All the dates are not yet set, but we plan to play Faith UMC Dec 9th, and hope to visit Morristown Wesleyan soon.  We also plan to return to the Mountain View Youth Development Center on Christmas Eve for the 3rd consecutive year.

Let us know if you want us for an acoustic performance at your place!


2011 in Review

Even though we don’t deserve it, God continuously blessed us throughout 2011.  We started out by opening the concert season at The Shop.  Little did we know that flood waters would soon close down the venue.  But, Pastor V is kinda like Jonah – it’s hard to keep a good man down!  V is busy working with several bands and new venues.

Our April 1st show at Morristown Wesleyan Church was our 100th gig.  We said we would give away a guitar if we had 100 in attendance, and there were officially 103 there.  As promised, we had a drawing and we gave away a brand new, autographed Rogue Rocketeer Guitar to Alan Massey.  We also gave away a bunch of limited edition jŏn•dō  stuff.  The ladies at MW prepared a special surprise to commemorate our 100th show – a massive jon-do cake decorated with the “Fools For Christ” t-shirt logo.

We had opportunities to work with our buddy Jon Hopkins from Coals of Fire.  Can’t wait to hear COF’s new material.  We had a blast playing with Down South Disciples at The Foundation in Bean Station, then worked with Jon again at a fundraiser for the City of Hope in Morristown.

There have been several bands who have been special to us over the years, including LHU, MR, Bone Prophet, Saint-Da-Fied, DSD, and Sixer 6, to name a few.  All have been special to us, and Chosen is right there with them.  Chosen has become part of our spiritual family, and we are looking forward to see how God will use them in the future.  Chosen is second only to Sixer 6 for the band we have shared the most billings.  Some folks think we’re joined at the hip with those two!  But that’s OK, we are all One Body!

It’s always a blessing to play at Godsway!  We partnered with Sixer 6 to play their Bible School kick off, and raised the roof a few inches!  The way the sanctuary was decorated, we thought we were playing at Willie Wonka’s factory!  A splendid time was had by all.  Oh, and by the way, the kickoff was called, “Prepare for Launch.”  Sound familiar?

We finished out our electric shows with Jam 4 The Lamb, and Faithstock.  Because God has blessed us so much since our first J4TL, we wanted to give away an autographed guitar signed by all the bands.  We gave away one guitar, but we also kept one for ourselves to remind us of how richly God has blessed us by using jd to do His work.  Derrick and Stephanie did an outstanding job in their first year as J4TL coordinators.  We’re glad we plugged in one last time at Faith UMC.  Stacy has been so supportive over the past year.  There is no way we can ever thank her for her hard work, including administering our facebook page.


2010 in Review

2010 was an amazing year.  We played new places, made new friends, and saw God at work through it all.  In all, we played 25 shows last year. 

We met Gwen Ford, owner of “God’s Place” in New Market, and played three shows there, including “A Song For Haiti” with Lift Him Up, and Linda Mabe from Mercy’s Rain.  While checking Gwen’s website, we found Bannerfest, hosted by Pastor Vernon Corum and Edgepoint Church in Knoxville.  Out of the blue, Pastor V had us on the Bannerfest stage a few days later, where we met Saint-Da-Fied, and Dead Moon’s Grey (who later formed Sixer 6).  We would share the stage with Saint-Da-Fied again in 2010, first at God’s Place, and later at The Shop.

We made a lot of contacts through Pastor V.  We played several shows at The Shop, with a number of groups, including Sixer 6, Sevenday Believer, Saint-Da-Fied, Tim Hughes and The Franks, and The Prodigals.  At The Shop, we met Kathy Christian from The Fire Escape in Kingsport, and played two shows there.  Kathy has a heart for young people, and uses TFE to reach out to them.  V put us in touch with Stacy Steele at Faith UMC, where we played the inaugural Faithstock festival.  So many new friendships resulted from Faithstock.  We met Sydney and Schylar, who started a jŏn•dō  fan club (how crazy is that?), and Stacy helped them start up a Facebook fan page.  Stacy has been a true God-send and a blessing to us.  Let’s not forget Pastor Paul, Bryon, and all the kids at Faith UMC.   One of the year’s highlights for us was signing and giving away an electric guitar at Faith.  Faith and EdgePoint have become two of our home away from home churches.

Toby Livesay, founder of Jam 4 The Lamb and member of Lift Him Up, has been a blessing to us since we first met him while working on J4TL 2009.  Last year, we shared the stage with LHU and Mercy’s Rain several times, including the Jefferson County Fair.  In this day and time, it’s nothing less than a miracle that a bunch of God-rockers were allowed to perform at this type of public event.  At the 2010 J4TL we met The Prodigals; Kevin and Amanda Shelby (Godsway Festival);  and Derrick and Stephanie Webb (J4TL).  At Faithstock, we met Tim Hughes and the Franks, and Chosen.  At God’s Country we met Justin Breeden.  The close relationships we have with these warriors did not happen by accident.

Our last show of the year was Christmas Eve at Mountain View Youth Development Center.  It consisted of a series of short acoustic sets in 10 different units.  It was a blessing to meet David Harvey, the shift supervisor who stayed with us the full 3 hours we were there.  For the young men confined there, this was their Christmas party.  Spending time with them reminded us to be humble and thankful.

Last but not least – thanks to members of the jŏn•dō  Nation for showing up at every event dressed to the nines in green and black, screaming to the top of your lungs at every show, and praying for us when you are alone with God.  Your support inspires us, strengthens us, and motivates us to continue.  You know who you are!


And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28.


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