Our Scandinavian Guestroom

I redecorated this room in 2004, with the idea that someday I would also paint some rosemaling on the headboard and dresser, etc. I got around to that painting last week. I took a class from a Norwegian rosemaler, Egil Dahle, which ran 6 hours a day for 5 days. I got a lot of painting done in that time with the help of the teacher. Here is the room with the newly painted pieces.

Egil Dahle painted the scene in the middle and then sketched the rosemaling around it in white chalk. He did a couple of the scrolls and I did my best to duplicate what he had done on the other side. He came back later and got me started with the linework and I finished it. Then he came back and added more details.

On Tuesday, I had to find something else to paint, as I had just about finished up the headboard, so I brought the top 4 dresser drawers to class. Then on Thursday I brought in the mirror.

 I actually did most of the painting on the mirror by myself. Dahle only added the finest linework. He did sketch the design for me.


The two lamps were painted by another rosemaler in our club and the wastebasket by another member. I bought them last year at our annual sale.

 I used some linens I bought on eBay to make the window treatments. The valences were made from a vintage tablecloth, and the shade from a piece of embroidered linen. I'm not sure what it was intended for, but I don't think it was ever used. The edges were unfinished. 

Well, thanks for visiting my guestroom. What did you think?

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