The story of a (partial) bathroom renovation

Here are some before pictures:

This bathroom was renovated in 1994 by previous owners.
We decided to replace the medicine cabinet, light, and vanity.
See the black rectangle in the window? That was a vent that no longer worked.
It was a big messy job getting rid of it.
We liked the heated tile floor And the shelves installed by previous owners.

Our house was built in 1922. We wanted to replace the '90's feel of the room with a style more in keeping with the period of the house. Though it doesn't show in the pictures the laminate on the vanity was peeling and the mirror was also showing black around the edges. It was time for a change.

We spent 4 weekends on this project and I worked some weekdays on painting and installing the bead board.
Here are a few "in progress" pictures:

We got this cupboard door from my brother's 1927 Sears house. We were hoping to find a medicine cabinet hole
behind the one we removed, but we had to cut
this one ourselves. We didn't want to cut any studs, so
it is only 14 inches wide.
The first color I tried was too bright. This one is better.
I took the picture while the paint was still wet.
I had a mirror made for the cupboard door.
Here the bead board has been installed.
We had a bit of serendipity luck.
The top of the backer board behind the tub
came out even with the bottom of the new medicine cabinet.
When we removed the vanity we found tiles under it, but they had never been grouted.
We also had to find some cove base tiles to finish the baseboard.
The mess eventually escaped the room to
fill most of the upstairs.


And now for the "afters" - Ta Daaa!!!

After much messy work the vent has been replaced with 2 glass blocks.
The room has a fan, which we think will provide adequate ventilation.
I happened to see this fabric at Glensheen in the costume room. I was told I could have it. It had been used between 1979 and 2000 as curtains in the kitchen and then was replaced by plain white curtains. I took it home and found it to be a perfect match for the color in here. I had to piece it to get a panel this size, but I just love the fabric.
I installed the bead board on this side while Jim was in Poland. The trim at top was some removed from another room last year. I may buy some new towels. Door of medicine cabinet came from old house; Hardware from Rejuvenation; the rest new wood.
We bought these paintings in Hang Zhou, China in 1989? There were 12 in the box. I framed 2 and gave away 6, but these 4 were never used, because I had no place to hang orange paintings. They are not prints, but original paintings on silk, mounted on paper. My grandmother painted this plate before she was married, about 100 years ago. Again I have never used it because it was orange.
Even with the forced flash this came out dark because of the window. And there is a shower back behind the door, in case you were wondering.

Well what do you think? When are you coming to visit? This is our guest bath, so this is the one you will be using. E-mail us to schedule your visit or leave comments.