Kenwood house in Hampstead, England

This house was designed by Scottish architect Robert Adam. It currently houses the Iveagh collection of art, which includes the Vermeer painting "The guitar player." We visited this house to see this painting. We took a bus from the village of Hamstead to the entrance of the house and then waked back through this very large park to the town.

A narrow lane in Hampstead


Coventry, England

This is the remains of Coventry Cathedral after it was bombed in WWII. Coventry was a manufacturing center for England and was targeted by the Germans. The cathedral was hit with an incendiary bomb, which burned the wooden beams, so the roof collapsed and everything inside the walls burned. The walls and tower were left standing. A new cathedral was built next to this shell.

Here you see the new cathedral and the back of the old one. They used the same stone, so the color matches. The style is completely different.

The interior of the new cathedral. That tapestry is the largest in England. (or maybe in the world?)

A street outside the cathedral, showing examples of 3 architectural styles--Tudor, Neo-classical and Gothic. Isn't England wonderful?


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