Washington, Montana and Yellowstone

May 22-28, 2005

We started in Seattle, but I didn't take pictures, so here we are driving up to the Chinook pass, near Mt. Rainier. The vegetation on the western side was so lush in the woods-a stark contrast with the dryer side after we crossed the pass.

There was a lot of snow on and around the pass.

This was all we could see of Mt. Rainier - The rest was hidden in the clouds.

That evening we arrived in Yakima, WA in time for Jim to play 9 holes on this gorgeous Apple Tree golf course.

The "building" to the left isn't a building at all but a huge stack of fruit boxes. We saw many of these stacks in Yakima waiting for the fruit to be ready for harvest.

The 17th green on the Apple Tree golf course, with an apple orchard in the background.

The next morning was clearer and we could see Mt. Rainier from another part of Yakima.

We were on a quest here for a letterbox.

We drove to Richland, stopping in Toppenish--city of murals, for lunch.

One of 76 murals in Toppenish, depicting the history of the town.


We had a very nice visit with my cousin and some other friends in Richland, but I completely forgot that I had a camera. I do that when I'd rather spend time visiting, so on to Yellowstone 2 days later.

We saw lots of Bison in Yellowstone, including many calves.

Of course we had to watch Old Faithful.

These steaming pools of different colors were just amazing. That's Yellowstone Lake in the background.

They were hard to photograph because of the steam.

Here you can see the light refracted by a bubble coming up from the bottom of the pool.

Yellowstone has almost everything, including a gorgeous canyon and waterfall.

We also saw Elk, as well as other wildlife, but no bear.

We stayed in a condo on this golf course in Big Sky, MT. That mountain is called Lone Peak.

We took a hike down into this canyon, across the stream and up to this waterfall.

Another shot of the waterfall, called Ousel Falls, near Big Sky, Montana.

All good things must come to an end. Our week was up and we flew home out of Bozeman.

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