Thierseetal, Austria -- Dec. 26 - 31, 2004


The apartment we stayed in was on the second floor of this building--where the shorter balcony is. The back of the building is a sheep barn, with a bar below the barn. Here you can also see the small chapel just outside the door.

Six sheep shared the building with us, living in the lower level of the barn. They came out when they heard people outside, so we had plenty of opportunity to chat with them.

These guys were adorable--the sheep, I mean. I had to get Patrick and James to pose with them to show how little they were.

It was foggy and above freezing our first day there--not exactly great weather for skiing. The boys and I went for a walk on the hillside across from the apartment. That's our building across the road. The dark wooden part is the barn. The white part below it is the bar, and the white part at the back is where the apartments are.

 After a snowfall that night, this was the view out our bedroom window the next morning.

The town of Thiersee is below. It wraps around a lake which is frozen and snow-covered.

From the same window the following evening, more distant mountains came into view.

And one more shot taken the next morning.

On a cross-country trail about 4 km from our apartment.

On a cross-country trail near Landl, Germany.

Another part of the same trail. The sky really was this blue.

One day we went to the tourist town of Söll, Austria for some downhill skiing. We saw painted buildings everywhere, like the one below in Söll.

We also saw many churches with the onion dome tops like this one, also in Söll.

Here's another painted building. Sorry about the uneven exposure. I just didn't get any better pictures of the painting.

Here's a picture Patrick took on the ski hill. Jim and I were skiing somewhere below.

Here we are having lunch on the ski hill. It was quite cold this day, but the sun felt so warm.

The guys had brats and pretzels. I had a delicious goulash soup.

After lunch we rode this gondola to the top of the mountain.

You can see it also in the photo above going up the mountain behind us.

Here's the view from the top. The boys skied down from here to the town.

Jim and I rode the gondola down part way.

Well, that was our skiing vacation in the Alps. Thanks for taking a look. I hope you enjoyed the visit.

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