Upton Cemeteries


There are five primary burying grounds located in the Town of Upton.   The oldest is the First Cemetery with 119 stones.  The first marked burial in this cemetery took place in 1749 and the last in 1890.

The Bradish, or Old North Cemetery, with twenty-nine stones was established for North Upton residents. The first marked burial occurred in 1776 and the last took place here in 1965.  

Pine Grove Cemetery was the town’s second burying ground with approximately 800 stones.  The first burial took place here in 1804 and the last in 1949. 

Lakeview Cemetery was established in the 1850’s and is still an active burial ground.

Maplewood Cemetery was established in 1892 although there are some stones in the cemetery which reflect earlier dates due to assumed re-interments.  This cemetery is still active with over 250 stones.

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