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Welcome to the Upton Historical Society Resource Information page.

The Upton Historical Society Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated under Massachusetts G.L. Ch 180.

The Society was formed to collect and preserve historical records, artifacts, pictures and mementos of the Town of Upton, its people, industries, folklore and customs; to maintain an historical library; to maintain a museum of antique furniture, furnishings, implements, tools and any other tangible personal property of historical or antique interest to the residents of Upton.

The Society fosters and encourages the interest of Upton residents in the accumulation of all historic data as it relates to Upton and it endeavors to inform others by written material and printed matter and to support the public in research and study.

The Society maintains an extensive collection of historical artifacts from Upton, related to Upton residents and from the surrounding area. This collection includes 50 volumes of photographs and 100 scrapbooks of news articles going back 60 years. The collection and reference information is on display in the office of the Upton Historical Commission and is open to the public on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Society staff are available to assist anyone doing historical or family research. Available materials include:

Antique Clothing

Town Records

Audio Recordings


Historical Objects


GAR Records


Newspaper Articles

Video Recordings


Industry Records & Artifacts

Business Records & Artifacts

Organization Records & Artifacts

For more information or to schedule a visit to our Museum, please contact us by phone at (508) 529-6600.