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previous updates

08.19.99 Added info on the first UK hardcover edition of Beasts. I wasn't sure if this book existed or not, and finally was lucky enough to spot a copy with a bookseller in the UK.

Still working on the "stories" section. Harder than I thought tracking some of this stuff down. I've also had some comments about the lack of information on Mr Crowley's latest book, Daemonomania. Believe me, I wish I knew more, too.

07.12.99 My thanks to Mark Srite for sending me a scan of his copy of the Easton Press edition of Love and Sleep.

 previous events

10.19.99 Major event coming up: John Crowley will be doing a reading on Thursday, December 9th 1999 at 8pm at Dixon Place, Vineyard 26 309 E. 26th St., New York City NY. 

I mentioned earlier that the August 1999 issue of Locus Magazine states in their People and Publishing: Books Sold section that "John Crowley sold The Translator to Jennifer Brehl at Avon (Books) via agent Ralph Vicinanza." An update on this info from visitor Richard Lehnert, who so kindly called Avon and reports that the novel is not yet even written, and is not part of the Ægypt series.

06.02.99 John Crowley's next novel is called Dæmonomania - third book in the series that began with Ægypt. It was slated for a September 1999 release, but then pulled, since Mr Crowley has apparently not finished it yet. Any new info on this book or Mr Crowley himself will be announced in this section.



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