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Jacksonville Shotokan Karate is affiliated with Shotokan Karate of America  (SKA), a non-profit organization teaching karate-do across North America. Karate was first introduced to Japan from Okinawa in 1922 by Master Gichin Funakoshi. In 1955, Master  Tsutomu Ohshima , SKA's chief instructor and direct student of Funakoshi, brought Shotokan karate to the United States. The mission of SKA and Jacksonville Shotokan is to pass on the traditional knowledge, values, and training methods of Shotokan karate "straight and true", in the words of Master Funakoshi.


What is Karate-do?

Traditional karate is best explained using the fable of the blind men and the elephant. One blind man, grasping the tail of the elephant, described it as a snake. Another, clutching the elephant's leg, described it as a tree. As with the elephant, Shotokan karate is initially "grasped" by different people for different reasons. To some, it is a superb art of self-defense. For others, the training provides a safe, well-rounded method of physical conditioning. Still others appreciate the mental discipline required to advance in rank.

However, if the new trainee continues to train for enough years, the initial grasp begins to change into something even simpler. Rather than just training for self-defense, physical conditioning, or mental discipline, karate evolves into training for life. As with everyone, life provides endless challenges for the karate adept. Hence, early in Shotokan karate training, we emphasize facing our greatest opponent in life -- ourselves. 

In traditional Shotokan karate, practice emphasizes building a strong foundation of kihon (basic techniques) and kata (traditional, prearranged forms). While polishing kihon and kata to perfection is a lifelong pursuit, students advance with time toward more complex kihon, kata, and kumite (sparring). Our training methods are traditional and designed for the serious practitioner.  This means simply that Shotokan karate students, whatever their age, level, or condition, are encouraged to explore their own physical and psychological limits (e.g., in special training ). This is, after all, how blind men come to see the elephant for what it really is!


Who Should Train?

We encourage a diversity of students at all levels of experience or conditioning. Students under 12 years of age should attend children's class (see class schedule ). Family rates available, enroll any time of the year.  Observers welcome .


Jacksonville Shotokan Karate
Tel: 541.899.1750
Fax: 801.991.9077

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