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Sunrise over Lake Koshkonong August 21, 2005.

I looked for information about Lake Koshkonong on the internet and found very little, so I decided to create my own website. The links from this page will give you a brief history of the Lake Koshkonong area as well as some idea of how the area appears today.

Please Note: I am not an expert on the lake. I do not fish and I do not own a boat. I am just a local homeowner who was interested in the history of the area.

I am also not a realtor. Please do not contact me with questions regarding real estate.

If you are interested in real estate in the area, please Click Here to find some local realtors.

Planning to visit the area?  Click Here to view some links that may be helpful. 

The Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson has honored me by choosing one of my photos for it's upcoming display Mysteries of the Mounds, opening in early 2009. I was lucky enough to get a quick tour of the display recently. I encourage anyone with an interest in the lake and it's history to visit the museum this year.








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