History of Lemmons Peach Farms   

Jodean Lemmons was first introduced to peach farming when he met his wife, Daisy Lindley.
The Lindleys had been farming peaches in Cherokee County since 1934.

By 1961, Jodean began working part-time with his father-in-law in the family-run business.
Although Daisy Lemmons had always assisted her family in the business, it wasn’t until 1965
when her father, Jesse Lindley, died that Jodean was asked by his mother-in-law to harvest her peach crop. 
In 1967, while maintaining and packing the Lindley crop, Jodean decided to rent and later acquire his own orchards. 
Jodean farmed both his and the Lindley orchards while using the Lindley shed and equipment to pack the peaches. 


Thanks to the help of many supportive family members, he was able to begin this

new venture at a time when his family’s ice and coal business began a natural decline. 
In 1971, Jodean built a more modern packing house and began shipping under the brand name of Carolina Daisy. 

The family grew, picked, and packed peaches through the mid-1990s. 
Lemmons’ Farms’ 300 acres of peaches produced over 100 trailer loads of peaches per season,
employed as many as 165 employees, and supplied peaches for resale on the roadside stands.

With conservative management, Lemmons’ Farms has continued to

thrive even though the number of farms in the area has declined.  
Today, Lemmons’ Farms no longer packs and ships peaches, but still maintains two locations that sell peaches,
homemade peach ice cream, jams, jellies, and other peach products. 


The farm leases some of the acreage to local peach growers to guarantee that their roadside

stands are still a source for the South Carolina peaches its customers have long come to enjoy.
Lemmons’ Farms has two locations on I-85 at Exit 87 both north and southbound.

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