The Girls: Sumi, Ditto, Aziza, and Hallie

The New Boys: MitSu and Minka

And the newest girl, Phantom And the newest stray boy, TC

(author unknown)

Sandpaper kisses
on a cheek or a chin-
that is the way
for a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses
a cuddle and a purr.
I have an alarm clock
that's covered in fur!

My name is Noreen and we have had a lot of changes to our family since this page was updated. We've added another dog, Lita's sister, Tifi, lost our very precious little blue Sumi on September 22, 2011, and added a mess of a cat which I first named Ruffian since he was so ruffed up. We now call him TC short for his referral name "That Cat"!

Phantom mysteriously showed up in our yard about a month after Cletus' passing. I thought she was a little possum at first glance and then realized she was a beautiful little blue-point ball of fluff. The next summer which was 2007, a new little Italian Greyhound puppy came to live with us. She's a beautiful red and white and her name is Lita. A year later in 2008, her sister, then 15 months old also joined us, her name is Tifi.
We have also lost a very staunch member of our clowder, our most alpha cat, Yoube. He passed away on April 10, 2008.

If you have visited before you know I am missing several other furbabies. Cletus, the last before Yoube of our clowder to join the others at the bridge, died on October 23, 2006.
My wonderful love-bug, golden Nugget left me suddenly on Feb 6th 2004 due to a probable blood clot to his brain.
And just a few months before, I lost my Siamese renal failure kitty, Slick. He died in his sleep, such a blessing for a great cat who fought so hard to stay with me for five more years after losing his brother Gumby. The Immortal King Henry met his maker on October 9, 1998,
Ichabod Craine crossed over July 6, 1998 and Gumby left me on May 11, 1998. :( May all of my boys and little Sumi be now enjoying the love and peace of the Rainbow Bridge

The remaining two older boys are Ingot and Snowy. Now little Ingot is alone, after losing his playmate, Nugget....he was 17 the summer of 2011 and is doing well.
Snowy, a red-lynx point siamese/colorpoint is now 15 1/2 and is being treated for HyperThyroidism with a topical cream that I put in his ear everyday.

Before I turn the page over to the owners, let me introduce the three, whoops, I mean four little girls.
Aziza was born June 28, 1999 and is a ruddy abysinnian....always busy, like all abys.
Sumi was born a month later on July 25, 1999 and is a blue point siamese, she is patiently trying to fill the pawprints of Slick and Gumby's momma, Suki. Sadly we are all still mourning little Sumi's passing, the first little girl we've lost in nearly 17 years! She was 12 years, 1 month, and 29 days old. She will always be a kitten to me.
Both joined the guys in late September 1999 and brought laughter and joy to all of us .....
In August 2000, our first little black panther joined us.....Hallie..... the little Halloween kitty.....she was born May 4, 2000....she is our first ever black beauty and was a big buddy to our tuxedo, Yoube.

In December 2001 a little Christmas angel just happened to be at the same cat show I was and Gumby would be so proud has she is his carbon copy. Her name is El Morya Mahalia (or Ditty-Kitty, Ditto or sometimes Dit-Dit)....our very first ever Oriental ShortHair. You can see her father GC Sum Thai's Gabriel of Pattam, here
But more important, here she is... Ditto

After losing Slick and Nugget, it just seemed fitting to welcome two new guys to our clan. In July, 2004, MitSu a blue oriental shorthair was looking for a forever home at the Huntsville, AL catshow. The little guy was 5.5 months old and very friendly with all the cats and the two dogs (he had never seen dogs before). He loved to play and the older cats were growing tired of his antics, so at the Oct, 2004 Chattanooga, TN catshow, I was introduced to Minka (Katzchen A Touch of Mink), an odd-eyed white oriental shorthair and the nephew of my Ditto. He is a very big boy, half again the size of MitSu, but they hit it off and were inseparable within a week's time.

Mitsu Minka

Now I'll turn the page over to its owners - Back to nine of us again....and one rauctious Bird, Bingo! Oh, and now something called 'Dogs' too!!! Well Ok, welcome to SunBridge's Santa Lucia (all 9 pounds of her) lucci1.jpg Lucci was a bit lonely, being the only canine in a house full of felines, so in April of 2004, we drove to Terra Haute, IN to meet our new addition, DOBAIN' Lili Lili Marlene - a real handful and fun puppy to have around Lili and then in June of 2007, we welcomed little BluMoon Corelli's Lemoni Lita, or Lita for short.Lili in June of 2008 we welcomed our fourth IG, the litter sister

to Lita. Her name is Tifi (BluMoon Breakfast with Tiffany Bobett)Tifi

My name's Henry and I crossed over the bridge on October 9th 1998 - On the earth plane I was topcat for 17 years -- I now bequeath all my worldly work assignments to Yoube who has fought with me for them for over three years -- they include patrol duty - this may be good for you Yoube since you need to lose a little weight; then there is sentinel duty - you have to be in the driveway when MomCat comes home; it makes her feel really good and protected! Then there is defense duty - you can do that pretty good since you always wanted to fight with me - and of course head-washing duty - this will be a lot harder for you since no one will get within five feet of you unless its maybe Snowy, but keep working on it, because several of our buds really enjoy this - then there is Getting Petted and Love Mom duty - you are already good at this one. So you better behave because I'm watching you and just waiting to see how you do. Everyone can read more about me on my special page. Come see my story at My Memorial Page Unfortunately, now all my previous duties are unassigned and YouBe has joined me at the Bridge.

Ichabod Diabetic Cat Info / Links to Personal Stories
My name is Ichabod.....I crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on July 6, 1998. It was getting really hard to walk as my joints were giving out and my kidneys were also failing. Come see my story at
My Memorial Page

Gumby An Exceptional Site for Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information
My name's Gumby. I went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, May 11, 1998, but Momcat can't bear to take me off the page yet. My brother Slick and I were born into the family, but my mom, Suki, and dad, Samauri are waiting with me at the Rainbow Bridge, and Slick has come to stay with us now too. Here is some terrific information on Feline CRF
There is also a very terrific support group that MomCat can get you in touch with if you e-mail her. Come to see me and here about my life at My Memorial Page

Slick My name's Slick, but I really like Boody better. I'm Gumby's brother and I  crossed over the bridge Sept 13, 2003 while on my favorite chair asleeep. I also had Chronic Renal Failure, but my kidneys were doing ok and I was not sick, in fact MomCat just told me our last morning in bed that I was doing so well, I may see my 16th, 17th or even 18th birthday. I think I was surprised that I had to leave too, but I left before the weather got cold. I don't like cold weather and now am with Gumby, Suki, Samauri, Summo, Abby, Cassie and maybe Prasha. If you are interested in keeping your kitties healthy have a look at all the good information available at The Holisticat Web Site And then come and see me and hear about my life at My Memorial Page

Nugget My name's Nugget or Buggsy Nuggsy for short. I am very shy and afraid of people. I spent my fifth and sixth weeks of life on my own eating bugs to survive. Baby Nugget Here's a picture of what I used to look like that day almost 10 years before I died. On February 6, 2004 I crossed over the Bridge very suddenly. I am sadly missed by my whole family. You can read my story on My Memorial Page

Ingy My name's Ingot or sometimes called Ingy. Somehow I ended up all alone under a backyard storage barn yelling my head off when I was about six weeks old. I'll never tell how I got there. It just happened to be a good yard, because now I have 8 others in my cat family. My favorite was Nugget, he was the new kid until I came along. I'm just a little younger. I'm not alone any more, but I still like to yell. I love it outside, but don't roam around as much anymore. I'm spotted on my sides instead of the usual striped pattern. Henry watched after me and washed my head. Sometimes Nugget would try to wash my face like Henry did. Now neither of them are here and I miss them both very much. I used to like to pile in on top of Gumby and Slick in their 2-cat bed! When its cold they didn't seem to mind - maybe I have a little Siamese in me. That would explain the yelling! Now they are both gone, too, and I'm the only one left from the 'old house'. Slick was so lonesome for awhile that I tried to be a brother to him and sleep close, but I'm not into washing anyone else and Slick wasn't either. We both liked to be on the receiving end! Sumi would sleep with me too but now I've lost her too and really miss her as we were together for all of her 12 years.
YouBe My name's YouBe or Youb for short. I've been in the family for almost 13 years before having to leave for the Bridge on April 10, 2008.. You see I was left on my own out here by the lake. My former family just forgot me I guess, when they moved away. I had lots of rabbits and chipmunks and fish from the garbage to eat but I was still pretty skinny and I had to work so hard. When these seven cats moved in to my territory, I took it as an invasion to my food supply, so I just beat them all up pretty bad. I got my name because Mom Cat kept saying "You Be Nice" over and over again. I'm sorry now, but how was I to know they would give me a home and take me to the vet regularly. Gee I don't even have to worry about chasing after girl-cats any more. Life was so good I went from nine pounds to nineteen pounds in eight months!! Henry still didn't like me when he left - he held a grudge like you wouldn't believe, but the rest of them accepted me pretty well. The best thing about my new home was I had a lap again and after Gumby, Slick, and Nugget left for the Bridge, there's less to share with! I love to kneed and have a real loud purr to thank my new Mom Cat for taking me in. My favorite buddies were Hallie and Snowy and I always liked the new kittens as they came, but didn't care too much for the dogs. Please visit my My Memorial Page to learn my whole story.

Snowy My name's Snowy but sometimes I'm called Squeeky because I don't really MEOW like a siamese. I like to talk but it comes out in little squeeks. I was the baby of the family until the little girls came. My first friend was JESSICA, but she was only three and kept throwing me on her little sister ASHLEE, who was only about a year old. It didn't make for a happy home for any of us, so I came to live with Jessica's grandma and her seven cats. We were a little afraid at first because you see she had this jinx about getting the eighth cat, but I think we are ok now. (I almost got renamed Jinx, when old Ichabod got sick after I first came). I am a red-lynx point siamese or tonkinese, my eyes are a cool ice blue, but that doesn't show up well in my picture. My big buddy was YouBe, especially when I was a kitten. Nobody really liked either of us at first so we bonded, even though I was not even half his size we loved to wrestle and play. He never hurt me and would hold me and wash me sometimes. Now I am almost as big as he was when he was my age and weigh in at a hefty 16 pounds. He taught me how and what to eat, man what a teacher! Jessica still asks about me and wants me back, but I am pretty happy here now. Besides Mikka, the Miracle Kitty is back home, so Jessica and Ashlee now have a meezer to play with. I also get to see KATY and JARROD when they come, but I really have to rest up after they leave. I used to be the only one that would let them drag me around, but now they go after the little girls...Poor things, but they will learn! Katy and Jarrod's Dad Jeff has a page, he teaches chemistry in something called college. I'm getting older now and was diagnosed with HyperThyroidism in 2010. Mom rubs my ear with a cream every morning at breakfast and I feel lots better since she does this.

Cletus My name's Cletus, but Momcat referred to me sometime as 'Ole Number Nine', because I was the ninth cat when I came. I left my earthly family on October 23, 2006 leaving the number back to nine.  It was kinda hard around here. I didn't have any friends except for Momcat. They either scared me or beat up on me. The food was good and I didn't have to stay out on my own all the time, plus I had a warm doghouse for cold weather. Here's me and Yoube with the door between us.Trouble I had been such a stressed out kitty that I came down with FLUTD, that's Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. I had a terrible time once when nothing happened when I went to the litter box. They said I was 'blocked' whatever that means. All I know is it really hurt and when they took me to the vet they put a tube in my 'you-know-what' and that hurt too. They put a big collar-like thing on me, but I pulled the tube out anyway. I get to feeling bad and then I have to take pills again. I guess the continual stress also caused a problem with my heart called cardio-myopathy. MomCat gave me alot of hugs and special food and attention to help me feel better, but my heart just got worse. Check out Boomer's site for information on FLUTD and also visit My Memorial Page.
Boomer had the same experience I did!

Sumi My name's Sumi or formally SumiSake. I came to live with the big boys when I was only 9 weeks old. I was the first girl kitty in many years, the last one looked just like me and her name was Suki, which means love in Japanese. She died of cancer at only 7.5 years old in 1995. I liked  all the boys, but some of them took a day or two to like me back. Yoube and Slick and Ingot were my first friends. Yoube wrestled and washed me and I liked to sleep all curled up with Slick or Ingot. They kept me warm and I needed that since my fur is very, very short and I can get very cold. I miss Slick alot. I just couldn't forget about Slick and blamed all the other cats for him not being here. I don't really like any of them near me anymore except maybe Ingot on rare occasions. Now I think I am more dog than cat. I love Lili and love to sleep with her. She is soooo warm....even warmer than Slick was. I started to feel like something was wrong in July of 2011, right after my 12th birthday, but I pretended everything was fine so Momcat wouldn't worry about me. She went away for four days to see her Mom and I was so happy to have her back, but I gradually felt worse and worse and could not hide my kidney problems anymore....I grew very tired, but Mom took me to the doctor to try to help me....it was just too late. I didn't want to leave and Momcat didn't want me to leave, but I'm an Angel now. On September 22, 2011 I joined Slick at the Bridge and Yoube was there too. You can visit My Memorial Page.
Aziza My name's Aziza or mostly just Zeeza or ZZ. I was alone with my momma and daddy, so when I came to live with this big family I didn't want anything to do with any of them. Sumi and I soon became buddies and we had lots of fun playing when we were kittens, but when I sleep, its up in the cat tree all by myself....no worry that way of anyone pushing me out! I love it now that MomCat stays home from work because I like to help her with whatever she's doing (especially wallpapering, gee I wonder why she locks me out of the room, I'm just trying to help)... Mom keeps telling me I need to go on a diet, I got up to a whopping 14.75lbs, but have lost a little of it since we now eat mostly grain-free cat food. Mom says I'm going to have diabetes if I don't slim down, so I'm trying.
Hallie My name's Hallie because I'm the color of Halloween, shiny black like patent leather with Orange Eyes. I came to live with MomCat because Matt and Josh had too many kittens and MomCat wanted a little black girl like me. My Momma's name is Blackie and I had a brother named Domino, all my brothers were black too. When I first came Yoube was my best friend. Zeeza didn't like me at all and chased me into corners, then Nugget decided he didn't like me either and chased me too. They don't chase me anymore because they are all gone....I know Mom thinks I'm glad her Nugget is gone, but I'm not....I miss him too. My favorite thing is getting up in Mom's bed and purring real loud to wake her up and when she touches me I start to lick her....I like the taste of people skin....it always needs washing!

Ditto Hi my name is Ditto, well actually its Mahalia, but neither me nor Mom liked it as well. They say I look just like Gumby, even though I'm an Oriental Short Hair instead of a siamese, but I'm still a meezer! I stay in the house all the time with Zeeza. She freaks out when she goes through that cat door, so she stays in now. I came to live with all the cats in December 2001 after a terrible day at something called a catshow. Boy, I don't ever want to go back there, it scared the 'you-know-what' outa me!! Anyway, Slick was my favorite from the beginning. Sumi was a little jealous and she stayed jealous until she got so sick she didn't care. I had to get into Slick's bed when she wasn't looking back when Slick was here. Now Slick's gone and I really miss him. Mom wishes me and Sumi could have been better friends. I have to sleep with MomCat now because we miss Sumi so much. Mom had a great idea though. She read about Clicker-Training, so we do that with this new thing that came to live with us ...something called Dogs!! It takes my mind off of missing Slick and Sumi for a little while anyway but these Dogs need to learn how to play like the rest of us. They sure are weird!!! Finally, MomCat found me two boys to sleep with. Mitsu is another Oriental Shorthair and he is blue; Minka is a big odd-eyed white boy and all three of us pile in on top of each other in our beds. Sumi would always sleep with the dogs!


MitSuMy name is MitSu. I'm a blue oriental shorthair in case you don't know! I have a funny registered name and we won't even speak of it!!! I came here to occupy Ditto, since she's been a mean kitty lately chasing poor little Sumi. I never saw dogs before, but they are pretty cool. They like to play more than Ditto does, but Mom is always hollering at Lili because she puts my head in her mouth. I guess she's afraid she'll eat me, but I'm not afraid. We are big buddies and like to play rough. Ditto lets me sleep with her (when I'm not sleeping with Lili) and sometimes will play with me. I'm a big washer, I wash Lili (and sometimes she washes me!) and I wash Ditto and Ingot. They really like it. Now I have a new buddy who is more my age. Feb 16, 2005 is my first birthday and Minka's first birthday is May 3, 2005 . We run through the house helter-skelter and play with cat and dog toys in addition to anything that we can steal off Mom's desk!!! When Lita came she took over Lili's job and playing with me and we still wrestle and now she puts my head in her mouth and Mom yells!

Ditto Hi my name is Minka, well actually its Katzchen A Touch of Mink! In case you didn't notice I have one blue eye and one green eye. They call me an odd-eyed white in cat show circles. I met Mom at the Chattanooga Cat Show...boy did I ever want out of that place. I paced the front of the cage and begged Mom to take me home. She wasn't so sure because of my strange eyes, but my personality finally won her over and off we went. When I got to my new house there were two more Orientals there to great me. MitSu is blue and Ditto is seal-point. Mom found out that Ditto was my aunt. Her mother is my grandmother and she came all the way from Germany. My Dad came from New Zealand, so I'm a crazy guy!!! I'm also bigger than the other two and love to play rough with the dogs...bring 'um on....I'll take them both!!! I love to fly through the house with MitSu and anyone else brave enough to play my games. I also love to talk and get upset when Mom stays upstairs too long. I like to be where she is, so I scream for her! I also have a very big appetite of which I will soon have to curtail as I'm getting a bit pounchy and thats not exactly good for a sleek long legged guy like me.


LuciaOne cold winter day after Thanksgiving some man put me in a truck and carried me away from my home. When he stopped the truck and put me out I was in a strange place. It was only a short time before I was found. I had a lot of fleas and terrible ear mites plus worms in my tummy. My tummy was very big and I guess that man thought I was going to have babies. I had one baby tooth fang still in my mouth so the vet that my new MomCat took me to said I was about 6 months old. Momcat said I was the first cat EVER that came into the clowder without ruffling any fur, creating any growls or making any fuss!!! I tried to tell MomCat that I'm a Ragdoll and Ragdolls are like that. They love every body and everybody loves them, except for that terrible man! But I have a good home and love all my buddies feline and canine alike. I don't remember being a baby, but I must have been outside since I really don't like being in the house (unless its snowing). I stay outside most of the time with Hallie, Snowy, Ingot and the new guy TC, who I really don't like much!


TCI started living on my own about 3 or more years ago, maybe the year might have been 2008, but I was too scared of people to come to anyone, so I had to learn to eat whatever I found. I had a home once where I got petted and talked to, but then something happened that I didn't have it anymore. I tried to go by houses where other cats lived as sometimes there was catfood left out unattended. The winters were very cold and I had to fight with lots of other cats just to stay alive. I was a banged up mess when I started coming regular to this house with lots of cats and a nice person that even gave me my own bowl but it was a couple years before I would eat out of it with this nice person close by. My right ear got pretty messsed up in a fight and since I had no one to care for me, it just healed by itself, sort of all folded over. Another time something really bad happened to my left hind leg, it hurt really bad, but again I had no one to help fix it so it also just healed on its own and I still can't walk on it very well. I just walk on one toe or lift it up when I have to go fast. In July 2011, I was finally tired of living on my own and decided to stay where I got the most food and the the most attention. MomCat said if I stayed through the weekend this time, I could start a new life on Monday. I didn't know what she meant, but she put me in plastic thing and carried me to a car. Lots of nice folk looked me over and said my ears were full of mites, stomach full of worms, too many fleas to count and my leg was broken in three places, as were three of my toes on that foot! MomCat came to get me and I had to stay inside the house in a cage that night, but I didn't care because I was awful sleepy. I LOVE my home and rub on everyone to tell them I love them too for taking me in. I just wish I had come sooner!


LuciaLiliSomeone mention DOG??? Yes, I'm sorry felines, but I AM a canine, although sometimes I think like a cat. My name is Lucia (that's LU-CHEE-A) or Lucci (LU-CHEE) for short, after all I AM Italian!! I know everyone wants to call me Lucy, but thats not my name. I'm an Italian Greyhound and weigh about 9 lbs, so most of the cats are bigger than me!! I like to lay in hot places, so I like to lay in Mom's Lap, in the hot sun and under the covers in bed!! I don't like to lay with the kitties though, I don't think they like their ears washed and when I paw to play, they think I'm swatting them. They speak a weird language, but I'm trying to learn.


Lili Lili yep! I'm a DOG too!!! I'm a little bigger than Lucci, weighing in at about 18 lbs, so I have most of the cats beat in weight. I love to play with the new guys Mitsu and Minka. We have a big time and I like to chew up their cat toys, especially those furry little mousies. I also loved to chew up Mom's toilet paper, paper towels and anything else I can make a huge mess with when I was a puppy!!!! Mitsu and Minka are also good sleeping pals, nice and warm. I miss Sumi as she was my best cat buddy and we were always sleeping together. I don't get as cold as Lucci or Lita do, but I still like to be covered up and lay on mom's lap. I also like to go for walks even in the winter time and don't mind all the clothes mom puts on me to keep me warm. I've even gone outside after it snowed! We don't see much snow, so the first time for me was really exciting!!! Lucci, Lita, Tifi and I like summer time the best though because we love to sunbathe, luckily we have a nice sun porch for wintertime use!!! I love to run Agility with Mom and now I also like to chase the 'bunny' on a lure coursing field with Lita. It took me a long time to understand that I could run that far away from Mom, but now I know the 'bunny' will come back right where she is standing. Its a whole lot of fun and I get very excited. I hope I can still run all next year but I know I will be eight and that's not very young anymore. I have lost weight though, so its easier to run fast now.


Lita Lita My name is Lita for short. I'm about Lucci's size, but I'm red. I love to play with the cats, especially Mitsu and Phantom. Lucci and I like summer time the best, but I go out with Lili in the winter sometimes too and try not to freeze. I don't like to wear those clothes, but if it means I can't go out, I stand in line to get mine on! We all love to sunbathe, luckily we have a nice sun porch for wintertime use!!! I am now a Champion Italian Greyhound! I had 10 points as of my first birthday and got the last five points the next year to finish up my Conformation title. I am now CH BluMoon Corelli's Lemoni Lita CGC RN SC AX MXJ and lots more too. I am very fast on the agility course and also on the lure coursing field. I love to run! I also love to play all of our winter games in the house. This year we are learning new things and I think Mom calls it Tracking training...it involves lots of food treats so I'm all game, but it is a little slow for me!


Tifi Tifi My name is Tifi, it used to be Tiffany before I came to live here. I am Lita's sister, we were puppies together at my first Mom, Lynn's house, but something happened that no one knows what, that really scared me and I didn't like people any more. Lynn was the only one I liked before my new mom came and brought me here. I wasn't a puppy anymore so it took awhile for me to like her and like my home, but now I love her and all my kitty friends along with Lucci, Lili and Lita. Mom tried to change my name to Livi, but I knew the "T" sound too well and knew that wasn't my name, so I'm the only one that doesn't have a name that starts with 'L'. We play alot of games, learn lots of commands and I show them off in the Rally ring and the Agility ring. I love to run Agility, as its just me and Mom out there with some strange person that stands very still called a judge! I can jump very, very high and I love to jump!

Bingo I've seen a lot of cats come and go around this family, you see I'm thirty-two years old and thats human years just like people! I've even seen a few dogs also come and go. My name's Bingo, I'm a lilac-crowned amazon parrot with a February 1976 birthdate!!! The cats usually think I'm a real mystery at first and sit and watch me . Then they get braver and try to paw between the bars. One big BRAWK and away they run. After that they just like to jump up on top of the blanket on my cage and sleep all day. Once there was a cat named Scat Scat whose big fluffy white tail used to fall between the bars when she slept. I liked to pluck at her fur and tease her. My favorite passtime is meowing like a cat; I can do a dog too, but its not as much fun. My newest sound is 'a clogged up aquarium filter' - I think Mom finally got the message though because I don't hear it anymore so she must have taken the tank down! I've been pretty healthy except for about fifteen years ago I got sick and they took my sunflower seeds away from me. I really like them and didn't like anything else. They said that was why I got sick. Thanks to Dr. Mullins (he really knows birds) I am well and healthy today and now get to eat that expensive Harrison pellet food. When I get bored I just shred it up. Sure makes Mom Cat mad! Anyway I guess at this rate I'll live to see many more cats come and go! But that's ok they are here for my amusement!

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"No heaven will not ever be - Unless my cats are there to welcome me."

This page lovingly dedicated to my departed friends now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge:
  • Tinker Belle
  • Tango
  • TC, the first
  • Sheba
  • Scat Scat
  • Suki
  • Samauri
  • Skeeter
  • Gumby
  • Slick
  • Ichabod
  • Henry
  • Nugget
  • Cletus
  • YouBe
  • Sumi
  • and dogs Snoopy, Pacer, Misty, and Peru

"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world,
which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime,
and falling in at night. I miss you."   -Edna St. Vincent Millay

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there.
I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn's rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there.
I did not die.


"Those that dislike cats will be carried to the cemetary in the rain!"

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One last thought...
For all the kitties that will be born in the spring and summer each year....

The Miracle of Life...

"Come quick, come quick", their mother said "The time is getting near"
She feels that when the kittens come the children should be here.
She told them that a big orange Tom took "Kitty" as his wife
"It's wonderful, a gift from God, the miracle of life"

At half a year young "Kitty" feels too painful and too scared
to appreciate six miracles, blind-eyed and yellow haired.
But she knows these lives depend on her and nature tells her how
and as she cleans them, children ask "Mom, can we go now?"

But now and then for six more weeks the children visit her
to play with six new magic toys made of life and fur.
The six weeks pass, the newness gone and new homes yet unfound,
Mom bundles up six miracles and takes them to the pound,
Where lovingly, with gentle hands and no tears left to cry,
the shelter workers kiss them once and take them off to die.

And "Momma Kitty" now shes called mourns her loss and then,
she's put outside, and of course, she's pregnant once again.
Dad tells "Kitty" STOP THIS NOW or you wont live here long!
but deep inside of Momma Cat, this time something's wrong.

Too young, too small, too often bred now nature's gone awry,
Momma Kitty feels it too and she crawls off to die.
She too is freed from this cruel world, and from her time of strife.
How harsh the truth, how high the price this "Miracle of Life"?

-By Barry Taylor, DVM

Please don't add to the tremendous overpopulation problem!

If you are thinking of getting a cat, please consider adopting from your local Humane Society or SPCA.


No More Cruelty

This page last revised October 22, 2011

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