Cat Food Web Links Manufacturer Phone Number
Abady Nutra Vet Products 1-845-473-1900
Active Life Boulder Creek Farms 1-303-415-1707
Avo-Diets Breeder's Choice Pet Foods 1-800-255-4286
Azmira Azmira Natural Products 1-800-497-5665
Back to Basics Beowulf Feeds 1-800-219-2558
Balanced Diet Veterinary Nutrition Corporation 1-505-496-5819
Bil-Jac Kelly Food Corporation - BilJac 1-800-842-5098
California Natural Natura Pet Products 1-800-532-7261
Cornucopia Cornucopia Pet Foods, Inc. 1-800-PET-8280 
Felidae Canidae Pet Foods 1-800-398-1600
Flint River Ranch Flint River Ranch 1-866-236-5102
Friskies Friskies Pet Care Company 1-800-555-3747
Iams IAMS 1-800-863-4267
Innova Natura Pet Products 1-800-532-7261
Lamaderm Natural Life 1-620-724-8012
Lick Your Chops Healthy Pet Foods, Inc. 1-800-821-4640
Merrick Merrick Pet Foods 1-800-664-7387
Natural Balance Dick VanPatten's Natural Balance Pet Food 1-800-829-4493
Nature's Recipe Nature's Recipe 1-800-237-3856
Nature's Variety M.I. Industries, Inc. 1-888-519-7387
Newman's Organic Cat Food Newman's Own Organic Pet Foods  
Nutro Natural and MaxCat Nutro Pet Products 1-800-833-5330
Old Mother Hubbard Neura (Wellness & Old Mother Hubbard) 1-800-225-0904
PetCo Masters Premium Diet Pet Gold for PetCo 1-619-453-7845 dial 9
PetGuard Pet Guard 1-800-874-3221
Pet Promise Pet Promise, Inc. 1-800-416-4700
Pinnacle Breeder's Choice Pet Foods 1-800-255-4286
Precise Precise Pet Foods 1-800-477-3247
Purina Pet Food RalstonPurina 1-800-778-7462
Regal Pet Foods Regal Pet Foods 1-800-638 7006 
Royal Canin Royal Canin Corp. 1-800-592-6687
Select Care Inovative Veterinary Diets (sold thru vets) 1-800-494-7387
Sensible Choice Sensible Choice (Royal Canin Corp). 1-800-592-6687
Solid Gold Solid Gold Health Products 1-800-364-4863
Spot's Stew Halo, Purely for Pets 1-800-426-4256
Waltham Waltham Pet Products 1-800-525-5273
Wysong Wysong 1-800-748-0188 
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