GALS Club Newsletter for October 12, 1996

Hello to All who need to Get-A-Life-Soon!

Jen is still up to her prank phone calls. This week it was to a pet store. The ad said they had *unusual* pets for sale. But she wasn't looking to buy, she wanted to know if they would rent her some bats for Hallowe'en. No, they don't rent pets. And they can't get bats anyway. (Why not? I see them flying around every evening.)

Nikki had to pull off the road to wait for a storm to pass. A hail storm. The noise of the balls hitting the roof was deafening, to say the least. She was beginning to get worried that the hail may break through, since her top is made of canvas. Thank goodness there was no damage. But if there had been, she had a roll of duct tape. BTW-She has a birthday next week.

Chet showed up with a partially burnt cigar in a Zip-Lock bag. He told us how it was a really good one, and he liked to savor it a little at a time. Well, you know us, we're not that easy to convince. So he lit it, and we all took our turns *savoring* it. He got it back when it was little more than a stub. "Yep, I enjoy a good cigar."

Phil (aka "Earth to Phil" and "Phil...uh...nevermind") received his box of contact lenses through the mail. Opening it to check the contents, he discovered an error. They had mispelled his name. Now, we can overlook an obvious typo, or even on an unusual name. But...FIL?!?! "It's scary. They didn't even spell it with two L's." (And so continues the *phonetics vs. whole language* debate.)

OzarkLad was readying for Winter when he couldn't find his snow-blower. Not wanting to wait 'til the last minute, he went out a bought another. "This one is better. It uses gasoline, I don't have to mix in oil." So now he is anxiously waiting for the white stuff, to see how it works. (That makes one of you.)



And speaking of's time to bring the plants indoors. An all day job.

Your President,

Kaye Coffey

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