In Loving Memory
Robert Gorwood Bills
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Oh Lord!, Savior, pilot me over life's tempestous seas.
Unknown waves before me roll, hiding rock and treacherous shoal.
Chart and compass come from thee.
Oh Lord!, Savior, pilot me.
When at last I near the shore,
and the fearful breakers roar,
'twixt me and the peaceful death,
then while leaning on Thy breast,
I will hear Thee say to me,
"Fear not, I will pilot thee."
Eternal Father! Who didst brood
Upon the chaos dark and rude,
And bid its angry tumult cease,
And give, for wild confusion, peace;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!
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His family and collecting old tools were his passions. We will always carry him within our hearts.
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