Get Firefox!

I like Firefox

I think you might like it too if you tried it. Reasons I like it:

  1. Tabs. Instead of having multiple Internet Explorer Windows open (because I like to surf alot at a time) I have one window of Firefox open with many windows(web pages) inside that. It's a lot less clutter.
  2. Mouse Gestures(via extensions). No more searching for the back or forward button. You use the right mouse button to wave around the mouse like a wand on the screen. It's really easy and much nicer than Internet Explorer.
  3. Extensions. With the extensions you can control the tabs, get right click access to lots of things, Get a weather forecast built into your web browser (open Firefox and know the current and upcoming weather without doing anything else), and a whole slew of other things.
  4. Adblock (via extension). This handy little extension to Firefox will let you block those annoying banner ads that move around and flash at you.
  5. Skins. I do use the skins and some of them can make Firefox a much cooler looking experience.
  6. Security. Most people don't care, but they should. Internet Explorer has been and is a security issue all of itself. Firefox is one way to lessen the risks you face on the internet.
  7. Free. To start using Firefox right now there is no price. You can't beat that. (nor are there any future prices)

Click here and go get Firefox

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