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Keith O. Anderson

2529 7-1/4 Street, Cumberland, WI 54829


Following my retirement in 1996, my wife, Beverly, and I built a lake home near Cumberland, Wisconsin, which is now our full-time home. Shortly after completion of the "cabin," we met Phillip and Else Odden, two outstanding Norwegian woodcarvers, whose farm/studio is just eight miles from our lake place. The chance to pursue a "heritage" craft was too good to pass up, and I signed up for my first week-long course with Phil and Else. I elected to do an item in acanthus as my first project.

I also served on the faculty of the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and  am currently teaching carving at the J. C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina.

After a three-week trip to Norway in May-June 2013, I was inspired to build a backyard STABBUR to house my fire wood for the Wisconsin winter.  Here is a view of the front side:



Nordic Drinking Vessels in Wood

Along with five other carvers, I completed a five-day course in ale bowl carving at the North House Folk School on March 2-6, 2006. Linked here are some images from the course taught by Phillip Odden of Barronette, Wisconsin.

Acanthus Sample Pieces

This led to many other acanthus projects, such as this queen-size bed headboard.

And a large basswood "kubbestol," or tree trunk chair.


Additional items in acanthus include many plate/clock shelves and breadboards. Here are some samples. (Design by Else Bigton Odden.)


The style of carving is called "flat carving" with a leaf and vine pattern borrowed from a "stabur" reproduction in Minot, ND. Here is one panel laid on its side. The full size is 4 feet by about 9 inches.

Flat Plane Figures

In addition to acanthus and Viking relief carving, I carve many flat plane caricature figures, primarily in the Scandinavian style. The majority of the patterns come from the works of Harley Refsal, Professor of Norwegian and Art at Luther College. Here are some examples: (Click on the pictures to see a somewhat larger image.)

Basket Lady

Hiker Nisse


Lefse Lady



Nisse Mor


I do many other figures. All are available for sale. Contact me if interested regarding availability and prices. Finally, here are a couple of "non-traditional" examples.

"Viking" --------- Leprechaun ----- Oregon Duck

Carved pieces are for sale. Contact me if interested regarding prices and availability..

Keith O. Anderson,  2529 7-1/4 Street, Cumberland, WI 54829