Alternative Kelsey Portraits

Install these in your BG2 override directory AFTER installing Kelsey-SOA and Kelsey-TOB (if applicable.) Note that reinstalling Kelsey will likely overwrite your portrait selections, so please keep these archives on hand if you frequently update your mods.

Garrick modified portrait by Broken PhoenixGarrick-as-Kelsey
Long-term followers of the Kelsey project may recall that Kelsey's portrait was initially going to be Garrick from BG2. Resistance from some players and Kelsey contributors to this idea resulted in a change, but as you see from Wietske Beeksma's (Broken Phoenix) efforts, it still "works." Click here to download.

Classic Kelsey, Cliffette versionCliffette's Kelsey
Wendy Yung (Cliffette) tried her hand at a reinterpretation of the "classic" Kelsey look. This is the result. Unofficially known as "Kelsey, the varsity quarterback." Click here to download.

Rasta Kelsey, by CliffetteRasta Kelsey
Cliffette did this on a bribe, or a dare, or something. Something. It uses an outtake from the Kelsey "model shoot." Click here to download, mon.

Drawn Kelsey, by Lisa JonteKelsey--Sorcerer, Lover, Drawing
An offshoot of her "Quality Time" comic panel in which Kelsey and Anomen fight over a prize already won by the devious Solaufein, Lisa Jonte has created a game-ready version of Kelsey for your enjoyment as well.Click here to download.
An older, more narrowly-cropped version is available here.

Classic Kelsey, Indi versionKelsey--A Redhead, and No Denying
Mistress Indi offers her take on Kelsey, giving him a more experienced, contemplative expression. At least, so says me.Click here to download.

Classic Kelsey, Karse Soze versionKelsey--Portrait Portal style
Karse Soze of the Portrait Portal was the first to agree to create an alternate Kelsey. This is the "traditional" result. Click here to download.

Hooded Classic Kelsey, Karse Soze versionKelsey--Hooded and Dangerous
While he was remaking Kelsey, Karse Soze gave him an intriguing bit of extra clothing--a dark hood. While the resulting edginess may not fit with everyone's idea of Kelsey, it's definitely worth a look. Click here to download.

Ethan Embry KelseyTime Travellin' Kelsey
RedTempest's take on Kelsey is based on actor Ethan Embry, but popular consensus is that he's some sort of time traveler. Perhaps Marty McFly, or a young Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor). Click here to download.

Frida's Freckled KelseyFrida's Freckled Kelsey
An interesting study in color, Frida (Muse) tries her hand at Kelsey with crisp edges and cool palettes. And, for the first time based off the original portrait, the redheaded Kelsey has freckles! Click here for the portrait set displayed at left.

Click here for a similar image, but with a red cloak.

Click here to download a bonus, very-red-themed Kelsey.

Night's Canted KelseyNight's Canted Kelsey
Made by Night for her friend, this Kelsey's been shot from a more extreme angle. Is it my imagination, or is he a bit of a tough guy? Click here for the portrait set displayed at left.

Kelsey, Corvis's True American HeroKelsey--A True American Hero
A number of people (but mainly Corvis) have lamented that Kelsey is not nearly heroic and majestic enough. So after a good year and a half of making fun of Kelsey, Corvis decided to do something about it. Click here to download.