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Bob Kogut's search for a fiddle with the ultimate tone has moved him to begin making violins himself.  ( Click here for pictures of the violin making process.) 

Bob's fiddles are known for having a sweet, rich voice, without harsh, strident overtones. They are all handmade and can be customized to a fiddler’s preferences. Each violin is unique and is given its own name when it is completed.  The name may reflect a characteristic of the violin or be symbolic of a particular milestone in the maker's own life.  If a violin is commissioned, the owner-to-be may have a role in naming the violin. 

Kogut Violins is a proud sponsor of Merlefest, where one of Bob’s violins is among the fine instruments raffled off every year. Visit the Kogut Violin booth in the sponsors’ Expo tent, if you come to Merlefest.

In addition to making violins, Bob also builds upright basses.  ( Click here to see photos of the bass being made.)

Lenoir, North Carolina

Kogut Violins