The Lottery Professor

The ULTIMATE Lottery Program

The Lottery Professor has all of the features of the most advanced commercial programs, but it has features not found anywhere else:

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MAIN - Easy to use Main Screen that lets you select the types of numbers you want to pick, view past winners, compare your current picks, etc. Also lets you easily swap between the Pick6 game, and any other type of game.
COMPARISONS - To my knowledge, it is the ONLY lottery program that will let you compare your current picks, lucky numbers, birthdays, etc. to past winners to see how they have faired.
PERSONAL - You can select up to 24 personal numbers, and generate as many picks as you want using only those numbers, or you can select any numbers that you don't want to play, and they will not be part of any number generated.
ANALYZE - You can analyze your current pick to see how it compares to past winners.
HISTORY - You can select any history period that you want, from 2 weeks, to 10 weeks, to ALL weeks to see what numbers are Hot, Cold, or Average. As your number is generated, it will show you, on the screen how each number picked compares.
IMPORTS - Comes with databases for every Pick5, Pick6, and Pick7 game in the US, plus PowerBall and the UK lottery. Just select what games you want to play and import the numbers. Also includes the Pick3 game, but with only the Georgia numbers.
MULTIPLE GAMES - Allows you to keep track of multple lotteries, and change between them at any time.

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