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The Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvington Master File.


For many years I've admired the bound family genealogies found in the libraries that I've visited. I've decided that the Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvington families need a bound manuscript for future genealogists. To do this I need to collect as much information about the Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvington (descendants of John Yelverton 1680 - 1750 of North Carolina) families as I can. I can't do the work alone. I have several Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvingtons around the country helping me consolidate all the information. If you are a descendant of John Yelverton and want to see your family line in the book, please contact me at the address below.

Here are some famous Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvington people and places:

Golf Course; Bay; Pro Basketball Player; Musician

Y. A. Tittle, New York Giants NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback; Politician; Pro Football Player

Miss North Carolina, 1949; Vietnam War Hero

A Kentucky Town; An Alabama Street

Known Misspellings of Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvington Found on US Censuses and Indexes

I believe I have collected ALL the Yelverton/Yelvington/Elvington census images from 1790 to 1930.
Let me know if you would like a digital copy.

DISCLAIMER: Many hours of research have gone into compiling this information and several cousins and allied family members have graciously contributed to it. Every attempt has been made to verify its accuracy by these researchers, when possible, but as with any research there can be errors. Should you choose to use this information, be sure to verify the facts and if you find errors or have additional information you would like to contribute, please write me at the address below.

Please send comments or inquiries about this page to: keith.yelverton@gmail.com

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