Kenny Wallock's
Professional Guiding

Fishing the Midwest  

Today, I helped with filming a Fishing the Midwest with Bob Jensen T.V. show. My good friend and guiding colleague, Dave Kinney from Rivers Plus Guiding and also Sara Brish Director of Sales and Marketing from the Stevens Point Convention and Visitor Bureau, were the main focus, but having a bit part was pretty cool. After catching and filming a few fish Monday night 7/25 we got chased off the water with rain and a lighting storm. Good choice by Bob as we got to the launch, got the boats trailered and it poured. With a bad lighting storm happening all night we weren't sure how the fish would react to this front that came thru. Tuesday brought overcast condition's and All and All we caught some fish. I caught a 30' plus inch northern and asked if the wanted to stage a shot, the comment was Bob Jensen does not stage shot's and that would be against all the ethics of his fishing career. Also Bob will not fish farm ponds just to get a shot. I highly praise Bob for his professionalism and honest outlook in the fishing industry. They also are traveling to eight other counties to also film about tourism in Wisconsin. It was a pleasure meeting Bob and having pizza with his cameraman Brian. We sure had some interesting stories to listen to, and Bob even remembered my BRO Norb Wallock and had a few more stories to relate to. Bob Jensen is a special person in the fishing Industry.....A Very Honest and Down to Earth Gentleman......

Enjoy these pictures.