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I said check out these links, they're really cool.Links

A Tribute to my bro, Norb Wallock.

This page is for all my fishing buddies that just like to fish as much as I do. All the links below are not part of my web site, but are from my competitors sites or from sites that are just friendly fishing sites.

Please enjoy them as much as I do, but please find your way back to my web site.

If you have a link you think others might enjoy, email me, and I will have it added.

FISHING..... Lots of competitor sites and just good information regarding fishing in the immediate area. Hopefully this provides additional insights into just how much fun fishing in this area can be.
LODGING/DINING..... Local information that I hope helps enhance your fishing visit to this part of our great state.
Helpful Sites..... Actually, most of these sites do not have a lot to do with fishing, however, I find the information they offer helpful, amusing, and just plain interesting. I hope you do too.
FISHING CLUBS..... Check out our local fishing clubs and their accomplishments for this area.
WEATHER..... Local weather forecasts. Hopefully it will help you plan.