In my opinion, root canals can be dangerous to your health. I had a tooth abscess in 1991, in October of that year I got a root canal.My health was not good because of the infection, but after having the root canal, my health got much worse.I was 30 years old when I first got the root canal.In January of 1994, I found out about Dr. George Meinigís book ďRoot Canal Cover-up Exposed.ĒI had tried my best to tell the 10 doctors that I had been to, over a period of 3 years that I was healthy before my tooth abscessed and that my health grew worse and worse after having the root canal.No one would believe me and the dentist would not pull the tooth.† They told me that the root canal fixed my tooth, the other health problems were caused by something else. After reading an article about Dr. Meinigís book, I called the dentistís office and told them I wanted an appointment to have the root canal pulled.I had been to the office several times and begged the dentist to pull the tooth.The dentist numbed my gum and patted me on the arm and told me this was going to make me feel better because I was so determined that the root canal was my problem.He let me know that he didnít want to do it and that it was not going to make a difference as far as my health was concerned.The very moment the tooth came out, the pressure that I had felt in my head for 3 years was gone.My husband was in the waiting area, and he could tell a difference in my appearance when I walked out.Over a period of months, I felt better and better.For 3 years I had just wanted to lay down, (no matter how much I slept, I never felt good) the day the tooth came out I didnít want to just lay around anymore.† The source of the infection had been removed.  I had gotten to the point I didnít want to live as to have to suffer.I honestly believe had I not found out about his book, I would not be alive today.I didnít even have the book the day I had the tooth pulled, just an article about it.After I read his book it was so scary to know that I had that kind of infection in my body and doctors didnít seem to care.† In my case, if their tests didnít reveal anything and even though I had things wrong with me that they could see, they treated me as though the problem was my nerves or in my mind.Some of the physical problems, caused me such mental anguish, I will never forget nor ever consider a root canal again.If you have been told that you need a root canal or have got one and have unexplained physical problems read his book! Teeth are important, but they are not worth losing your health over.

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Latest - Oct. 2001
Revised - Dec. 2001

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My intentions are to inform people. Not everyone has a bad experience,
but those who do, can't seem to get much help.  This page is not meant
to diagnose, it is provided to give information.

Article in
Second Opinion
William Campbell Douglass

Protocol for Removal
of a Root Filled Tooth
Dr. George Meinig

Others Share
Their Own Stories

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Tooth Chart #1                                                        Tooth Chart # 2
Charts provide details of the energetic links which exist between each tooth and different parts of the body.



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Safety Precautions
Dental Toxicity
Root Canals & Cancer
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Treated By:
Dr. Gerald H. Smith
Nickel Crowns &
Root Canals
Dr. Hal Huggins
Optimal Health
Dental List
A list where the dangers associated with dental fillings, root canals, 
cavitations and other dental procedures are discussed.

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I do not receive anything for recommending Dr. Meinig's book.  I recommend it because it helped me and I wish to help others. 

                                    -Melanie Yarbrough


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