OCT 4  Reno Getaway


OCT 4  Reno Getaway


Hotels:  The best I have been able to do without having a firm commitment of 15 rooms is the Quality Inn at Plum and Virginia ($55.00 per night No 2 night Min.) or you could stay at the Motel 6 across the street for about the same money.


Transportation: If we want a limo (for up to 8) it is $50.00 per hour. A mini Bus (for up to 20) it is $44.00 per hour. I can also get a 15 Passenger van for the day with driver for about  $200.00.


Wig Count: Could you please send an email to me with you arrival date and number in your party including any spouses or girl friends (Boy friends are welcome to). I will return you a contact phone # so when you get to town you can call us.


Hidden Woman: Tony will be putting on an Open House with snacks and drinks around noon on the 4 th.


Shopping: We are working to put together an escorted shopping trip, if you are interested let us know.


Photos: I need to know how many of you want a Pro Photographer. (We will have someone with Digital Cams and CD burner for just the cost of the CDís )


Dinner : I have arranged with a Great little French Bristo who wants to have us, the cost is $20 to 40 each.  I am working on a less expensive option but need Wig Count to make arrangements.


Oct 3: if you are coming in on the 3rd and want to go out let us know we have a trip planed to the Cadillac lounge and the Blue Cactus. The Blue Cactus is a Girl bar and we get treated just like one of the Girls.


Please let me know if you are planning to perform and the song you plan to use so I can start the play list.

 Please email me at ladonnadestephino@yahoo.com or in case of overflow use Fastcrew@Glay.org