This handkerchief features an outer 1 inch (2.5 cm) edging worked with 18 pairs of bobbins in traditional Torchon motifs: Twisted whole stitch fans, alternating eight legged and roseground spiders and alternating half and whole stitch lozenges. The inner 1 1/4 inch (3 cm) insertion consists of a trail of roseground spiders between a row of half stitch and whole stitch lozenges (diamonds) worked with 19 bobbin pairs in DMC Cotton 100, Ecru.  The pattern is my own design.

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[wedding hanky] This lace edging is made of 50/2 Linen, and required 46 bobbins. The pattern is from Pamela Nottingham's book "Bobbin Lace Patterns." I chose this pattern because I felt the motifs represented the time and locale of the wedding.
The outermost pattern is the "Fir Tree" fan appropriate for a Christmastime ceremony, the 12 legged spiders reminded me of snowflakes (it ended up snowing during the wedding!) and the zig-zag trail of bias ground represent the mountains around Grass valley where the wedding took place and the Siearra Nevada mountains where I worked on the edging. Once completed, I mounted the lace on fine cotton, and hemstitched it with a single strand of DMC gold metallic floss. I used ivory DMC to embroider the wedding date and the names of the Bride and Groom
corner close-up

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