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16th Century Lace
A page from the Costumer's Manifesto Website featuring pictures from "A History of Lace" by Mrs. Drummond Bury Palliser, the definitive book of lace techniques of times past.

Labours of Love
A source for machine reproductions of handmade lace and great heirloom sewing notions.

Bobbins by Van-Dieren
An artist at the lathe, Kenn creats beautiful bobbins that any lacemaker or collector of bobbins would be delighted to own. He makes several different regional bobbin styles as well as lace making accessories.

Alissa's Lace Page
Excellent examples of several types of bobbin lace, definitely a must visit for the lace enthusiast!

Choosing Lace for SCA Garb
Informative and well written guidelines for garb; useful description of modern lace best imitating the laces of old.

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Real Belgian Lace Factory
This site is absolutely incredible. A history of Belgian lace and lacemakers, gorgeous wedding veils, handkercheifs and bookmarks made by the few remaining professional lacemakers. These ladies have spent a lifetime honing their skill and it shows in the delicate beauty and intricate detail of their work. Most of the lacemakers are older women and few are being trained to carry on the craft. These items are available for sale!

Lace Bobbins by Chris Parsons
Gorgeous lace bobbins and much, much more:tatting shuttles; mouse pads with a spider/arachne theme; fine china with lovely lace patterns.

Jean's Bobbin Lace Page
Nice personal site; sometimes offers a free pricking and some lovely pictures of Jean's projects.

Source of lacemaking supplies, bobbins, pillows, etc., reproduction needle working tools and antique lace pieces.

North Country Art Gallery: Zuman Studio
Absolutely stunning examples of bobbin lace as art. This is a site well worth the time!

Excellent mail order supply source, prompt, *knowledgeable* service and excellent prices, esp on ethafoam lace pillows. Nice people, too!

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Stephan's Florilegium:Making Lace in Period
A collection of posts on the topic from the SCA newsgroup. Select "textile arts" and bobbin lace is in that section.

Primarily a tatting site, Tattered has link to suppliers and other types of lace.

The Lace Guild-The Craft of Lace
Descriptions and pictures of the most common varieties of bobbin lace. Very nice.

The Lacemakers' Homepage
A site dedicated to expanding and including all lacemakers on the web. A strong emphasis on period laces and the main page of Arachne's Guild, an e-mail list for lacemakers and lovers of lace. (Not affiliated with the SCA's Arachne's Guild)

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Ren Faire Info
Directory of Ren Faires

Central Coast Renaissance Festival Page

Valhalla Renaissance Faire Homepage:
One of the loveliest faires in CA. Set in the Sierra Nevadas, near Lake Tahoe, this faire is one of my favorites

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International Wenches Guild  
International Wenches Guild
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Ren Resources:

Academy of Saint Gabriel
A site designed to help select period names and provide a starting point for those researching their ancestry.

Medevial Pavilions:
An incredibly complete site for documentably period pavilions and camping accessories. Many, many useful links to related sites.

How To Make Quill Pens

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16th Century Renaissance Fashion, 1500-1530
Great collection of period portraits, several are excellent representations of people wearing blackworked garments and links to more images.

Blackwork Embroidery Archives
Fantastic collection of *charted* blackwork patterns (by Paula Katherine Marmor) available for downloading!

Cherry Tree Homepage
Source for blackwork kits.

McIntosh Samplers
Source for wooden needle cases, embroidery hoops and other needleworking accessories.

My Needle's Worke
A thorough collection of useful links to suppliers, needlework and lace sites.

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16th Century Fabric Consumption
Susan Reed's wonderfully informative essay on various yardages required by period clothing...invaluable to those trying to replicate rennaissance garb!
16th Century Hose
Great source of info on underthings, includes a nicely drawn "how-to" if you want to make your own.

Free sewing projects: Tudor Flat Cap and Cavelier's Hat.(I know it's post period, but I like it anyway! Fantastic step by step directions...well done site. Tripod Pop-ups, cookies can be declined and you can still get to the site.

Reconstructing History
Good info on Medevial and Renaissance fabrics.

REC Costume Guidelines Basic information on what is "faire legal" for faires run by REC (Renaissance Entertainment Corporation).

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Ren Costuming Guide
Based on garb guidelines of the Living History Center.

Elizabethan CostumingExcellent resource on all kinds of garments and other fascinating stuff. Links galore to explore!

Sumptary Laws
Informative and amusing, these are the laws that supposedly determined the clothing of the various classes....in fact these laws were frequently flouted. People generally wore the best they could afford and if brought to book, paid the "tax" required to wear their finery.

Knit Stocking Pattern
Knitted stockings were a luxury in Elizabeth's time. (And no wonder!) If you want to make some period ones this is a pattern with hints on adjusting the fit.

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Ren Vendors:

Fellowship Foundry
Incredible works of art in pewter. Detailed and beautiful, words cannot do them justice. I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to this site. (This is also the home of the AFR Gosh of Pewter, maker of the coveted RenGeek pins!)

Turning Point Woodworks
Fezzig's wonderful works in wood. Goblets, steins and other lovely things are turned, decorated to customer's specifications and delight! (Maker of the Official International Wenches Guild drinking vessels.)

Source for patterns and supplies for period costume.

MacGregor Historic Games Rose and Pentagram Design
This site features a remarkably piece of research on woodturning equipment as far back as Ancient Egypt as well as great games to play at home and at faire.

Very beautiful bodices and doublets. Some are very period, others are not. If you plan to work at faire, be sure to check with the management as to acceptability *before* buying!

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Faire Folk:

Kalani Net
Wonderful resouce of information and links for all things Faire. Great pictures, How-to's for kilting up and much more all one a wonderfully designed site.

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