White and gold roseWhite & silver and pink rose Poof's Rose

This is an idea from "Beginning Bobbin Lace" by Gilian Dye. This pretty rose is created by making a strip at least seven inches long of the "Fir Tree" pattern, being careful not to twist one pair along the foot edge of the lace. When the lace is finished, the workers are tied off and left long, about ten inches.  The passives are tied off and clipped close to the knots, except for the untwisted pair at the foot edge. This pair is pulled up to gather the lace into the flower. Using the "tail" of the worker thread, gather the side of the last petal made to form the center of the flower and then sew the side of the first petal to the side of the fifth to create a rose. Tie off the gathering threads and sew the rose onto a pin back for a fine favor for your friends! This project uses only nine pair of bobbins and is a nice beginners project. You can vary the type of fans and width of lace to achieve different effects. [Back to Lace Gallery]

White & gold rose close up