Spider and fanThese pieces of lace are part of my "hands on" display when I demonstrate bobbin lacemaking and are handled quite a bit. This example of Torchon lace shows how varying the type of thread used can result in laces of different appearance, even when the same patterns and pricking are used.  The lace on the left was made of green silk 60/2 and black DMC cotton 80.  The lace in the center from black Irish linen 20/2 and green French linen 35/2. The lace on the right was made from burgundy silk 60/2 and DMC cotton 80.  The finer thread produces a more delicate lace, and the silk and cotton are softer than the linen.  The heavier thread is a sturdier lace with a stiffer "hand."  This is not only because of the thicker thread but also because of the type of thread, linen having a crisper feel than either cotton or silk.  All are made on the same pricking with 30 bobbins.

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Spider and fan detailSpider and fan detailSpider and fan detail