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Bobbin Lace made by my lover's great-grandmother, Johanna Pålsson in the early 1900's.

This is a delicate and graceful pattern, somewhat unusual in having a curving rather than a zig-zag trail.  

Below: A baby dress I designed and created using it (Modeled by the great-great-granddaughter of the lady who made this lace.)  The lace is mounted over mauve satin ribbon, the hems are double hem-stitched by hand and the front of the dress embroidered in a 'Blackwork' motif using pink thread.


More early 1900's bobbin lace from Sweden, this sample made by Berta Bandelin, also a great-grandmother of my lover.

Left: Actual size.

Right: Detail View

The main motif is accented by a thicker thread or 'gimp.' The thread appears to be linen for both gimp and body of the lace.

Another example of Swedish Lace
This lace is particularly lovely, lots of open areas contrasting with large filled ones.  The flower is worked in half-stitch with a central twelve legged spider, the large leaves are cloth or whole stitch with a central bar formed of twisted whole stitch.  The smaller leaves (also called or 'tallies' or 'wheat ears') are worked by holding three bobbins with one hand and with the other weaving the worker thread through them.  This lace was also made in Sweden by Johanna Pålsson in the early 1900's.


swedish lace

Photo by Linda Perez


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