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It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.
-- Confucius

The Hiei is without a doubt one of the oldest ships in service of the fourteenth fleet. Like several of her siblings, she saw some of the most intense battle action during the Dominion war. Almost retired several times but uncannily managed to evade de-commissioning. The year is 2392 and this ageing frigate has just experienced a re-fit, overhauled with more current technology and ready to emulate, if not conquer the achievements of the other more superior ships.

The Hiei was named after the 20th century Japanese (Earth) naval battleship, also named after Mount Hiei, Japan, Earth.

WELCOME! I am Captain Vincent Lim, commanding officer of this time-tested and proven starship but most importantly leader of a group of very talented Starfleet officers. It is on board this old, but experienced starship that these band of adventurers write their own legends and stories, forge new friendships, chart new starsystems, all in all making that journey among the stars.

The U.S.S. Hiei is an IRC role playing game set in the universe of Star Trek ® approximately 17 years after the Dominion war. She is currently assigned to the Fourteenth Fleet. I hope you would take some time to come have a chat with us in irc.darkmyst.org channel:#StarshipHiei. Until then, may the great bird watch over you.

Captain Vincent Lim
Commander, Starship Hiei