The Changes of Progress

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This piece was created for a quilt contest called "Recapture the Spirit". Sponsored by the Midland, MI County Historical Society in conjuncture with an exhibition of quilts from the 1933 Chicago World Fair.

Sears sponsored a quilting contest called The Century of Progress for the fair in 1933. There were more than 24,000 entries (full size quilts) as the prize was $1,200 (quite a lot during the depression).

The Historical Society contest asked contestants to capture the past 100 years of progress in their quilts. I decided to incorporate quilting styles and types of fabrics from the past 100 years. Looking at the quilt from left you see older styles of fabrics and patterns like Flying Geese or a 9 patch and hand quilting. To the right I've incorporated newer fabrics, machine quilting and matellic thread. This quilt won Best of Show in the contest.

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