Sandra Blank's Gallery of Quilted Wall Hangings

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No piece is ever duplicated. Most wall hangings are made from cotton fabrics but can include nylon, satin and other. They arrive ready to hang on the wall. A hanging sleeve is sewn on the back that can be used with a rod for hanging. Hanging hardware is not included.

Squares Around #7
This piece uses the color wash technique. It was the result of working on a technique for a color wash class.
This piece is all cotton with transparent nylon quilting thread.
$525.00 US

This piece was inspired by leaves floating down a stream.
It recently won the K. Rave award at the Great Lakes Regional Art Exhibition. Shown with permission of owner J. Andrews of Florida
35" x 58"

A great way to use leftover hand dyed and painted fabrics.
Gives the crazy quilt a modern abstract look.
44" x 26"
$375 US.

The Changes of Progress
This piece was created for a quilt contest, and won Best of Show.
Shown with permission of owner P. Hsieh

This piece was created after a trip to Bear Butte State Park.
$445.00 US

Using my cotton hand painted/dyed fabric updates updates the crazy quilt look.
This piece has a dimensional look from folding and stitching the fabric.
33" x 26"
$295 US

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The quality of the images on this page do not replace actually seeing the piece or viewing a photograph. If you're interested in any of the pieces, send me a note and I'll be happy to follow-up with you.

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