In 2018 the La Crosse Broomball League will be operated by the City of La Crosse Park & Recreation Department.

To register contact:



Team Captains;

 The City of La Crosse will be operating the 2018 Broomball League and it will be operated in a similar form as it has been in past years.

 Highlights would include:

Games are self-officiated

League fee is $75, includes broomballs and year end awards. No other fees.

Matt Walter will be the representative in charge each Thursday Night. He will open the shelter and close it at the conclusion of the night.

Rules would remain the same…

Games start January 4th and would run 8 weeks.

 If you haven’t noticed we have replaced the old wooden boards at the Copeland Ice Rink and if temps stay where forecasted then we will start flooding soon. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be sharing this information with all of our adult teams in our system today so hopefully that will drum up some more interest.

Team fees can be paid over the phone with a cc at 608-789-7533 or in person at City Hall, downtown La Crosse, or at the Black River Beach Neighborhood Center on the north side of La Crosse…if you have a sponsor and they need an invoice from me let me know and I can provide that.


Jared Flick, CPRP

Recreation Specialist

City of La Crosse Parks and Recreation