German Methodist Cemetery

(formerly Harmony Presbyterian)

located in the NE 1/4 of Section 29

Mount Pleasant Township, Wabasha County, Minnesota

in stand of trees NE of intersection of County-78 and County-82

(NOTE: Private property. Must seek permission of owners to visit.)



This cemetery was cleaned up and inventoried as an Eagle Scout service project led by Geoffrey E. Dahling of Troop 94 in Lake City, MN in September and October of 2001. Thirty different people contributed a total of 179.75 hours in various assignments. Trees were trimmed, brush and weeds were removed, the ground was raked and then probed for buried markers, markers were uprighted and staked into the ground and cleaned, the history of the cemetery was researched, and a new cemetery inventory was created.

The old cemetery inventory at the Lake City Public Library showed 22 burials. Research continues, and 32 burials have now been noted with 3 bases that do not have any remaining information. Some mistakes in the original inventory with dates or other information have been corrected. Sometimes there would be only an age at death and a partial surname gathered from gravestone fragments. County vital records and federal and state census records were then consulted to fill in the missing information. It seems logical that there are still many more burials that are not yet accounted for. There was considerable damage from vandalism "by some kids from Lake City" who will remain nameless. Several other markers were found to be partially or completely buried in the ground and entangled in tree roots. One perfectly preserved marker was found at least two feet underground. It had apparently been there for decades, which explains why it was one of the few not damaged.


Looking east before...

...and after cleanup


 History of the cemetery

Cemetery inventory

Action photos of the cemetery cleanup work

A toppled grave marker is reconstructed

Many markers were excavated

More problems with markers

Some things to remember when restoring an old cemetery

 Press release for Geoffrey's Eagle Scout Court of Honor


Some notes from descendants:

William & Lucy Mann

Jonathan & Rachel Farnham

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