10th  KY 
Partisan Rangers
Johnson's Cavalry, CSA

Adam R. Johnson's Cavalry was known as the 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers, this unit should not be confused with Diamond's 10th Kentucky Cavalry a Regular Army unit of CSA. Johnson's Cavalry was recruited in western Kentucky, while Diamond's unit was from eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia. To increase the confusion both cavalry units served under Gen. John Hunt Morgan at times during the war.

Thunder From A Clear Sky

An Excellant NEW book by Ray Mulesky about Adam "Stovepipe" Johnson's Raid on Newburgh, Indiana
The CSA's First Raid Across the Ohio into Union Country and it's unintended affect on the Union men of southern Indiana



10th KY (Johnson's) Cavalry - KY Partisan Rangers, CSA
Link to Stephen Lynn's excellent site on the 10th Kentucky

History and Roster of Company K,
Tenth Kentucky Partisan Rangers, C.S.A.

by Stephen D. Lynn
This new book, published in March 2003, tells the story of a Western Kentucky cavalry company from Caldwell, Christian, and Hopkins Counties that served in Col. Adam R. Johnson's Tenth Kentucky Partisan Rangers and Gen. John Hunt Morgan's Cavalry Division during the Civil War. During its service, Company K took part in battles at Madisonville, Owensboro, and Ashbysburg, as well as taking part in Morgan's famous Christmas Raid and Indiana-Ohio Raid. This book includes eight photos and a detailed roster of the company, with the soldiers' compiled service records and biographical information when available. This soft-cover book is 104 pages and 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches.


Miss Eliza "Lide" Carico- Daughter of the Regiment - Civil War Vivandires and Daughters of the Regiment this interesting site details Women who served with or actively aided CW units. The site includes a photo of this Daughter of Co A 10th Kentucky

Battle of Sacramento Driving Tour

Battle of Sacrament Reenactmento The yearly reenactment of the December 28, 1861 Battle at Sacramento, KY.  Adam Rankin Johnson and Robert Martin were scouts for Lt. Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest during his 1861 Kentucky Operations. The December 1999 issue of Civil War Times magazine includes a article on Forest's battlefield debut with information on Johnson and Martins roles as scouts for him at Sacramento, KY.

Johnson's Cavalry in the Official Record of the War of the Rebellion

Cornell University Library, working as part of a internet project known as the "Making of America" has put the entire 100 volume work Official Record of the War of the Rebellion online. This reference source is one the most important historical and original source records of the Civil War. The web page lists and links to all of the references to the 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers and Adam Johnson in the "OR" as it is known to Civil War researchers.

Adam Johnson commanded a brigade which included the 10th KY Cavalry on Gen. John Hunt Morgan's July 1863 Raid into Ohio. The raid ended with the capture of Morgan and many of his men. The officers were imprisoned in the Ohio State Penitentiary. In November 1863, Morgan and a group of officers including several from the 10th Ky. escaped from the Pen in Columbus and made their way back across the Ohio River to Kentucky. Among the escapees was the 10th KY's LDow Hockensmith, whose skills as a stonemason made him a key part of the escape. The February 2000 issue of American History magazine includes an article on the escape as well as a reprint of Morgan's biographer and brother-in-law Gen. Basil Duke's telling of the tale of the escape.

Articles and Civil War Sites

February 2000 issue of American History magazine includes an article on the escape of Gen John Hunt Morgan along with Officers of the 10th Kentucky Cavalry

July/August 1992 Civil War Times magazine includes an article recounting battles at Clarksville, TN and Fort Donelson, TN between the 10th Kentucky and the 71st Ohio Regiment

This site includes information from "Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion," edited and compiled by Ronald A. Mosocco. The web site on the book has many useful Civil War links including information on other Kentucky Civil War Units

KYGenWeb Military Links

CSA Partisan Rangers and Guerilla Commands has information on the
CSA Partisan Ranger units, their history, origins and rosters

Stovepipe Johnson
Johnson finds an escape route for Forrest at Fort Donnelson

July 18, 1862. The first town north of the Mason-Dixon Line to be captured by the Confederate forces

Adam Rankin Johnson Photo (CW)
Adam R Johnson - Handbook of Texas Online

Adam R. Johnson Photo (post CW), Grave site and Honored Texans Bio
Johnson on Bragg at Munfordsville Battle for the Bridge

Frank Amplias Owen - Amplias KY
Morgan's Men Association
Thomas M Coombs Diary

History of Marble Falls Texas (founded by Johnson)
Liberty Hall Guest Haus ( Johnson's Texas Home)
Adam Rankin Johnson Jr (grandson) Baseball Info
Baseball Record
Adam Rankin Johnson Sr (son) Baseball Record

The Compiled Service Records for Johnson's Cavalry can be found in the National Archive Microfilm Series M319 on film rolls 56 ( A-F), 57 ( G-Ma), 58 ( Mc-S), 59 ( T-Y). These films are available from the National Archives and at the Kentucky State Archives, the University of Kentucky Library and Libraries around the state.
The Orphan Brigade site has excellent information on Researching your CSA Ancestor

 Officers and Brigade Staff
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D
Company E
Company F
Company G
Company H (1)
Company H (2)
Company I
Company K
Company L

NOTE : Two Companies appear identified as Co H, one dated August 25th 1862 the other listing entirely different officers and privates September 5th 1862.

This information from KY Adjutant General's Report
which used as a source Gen. Adam R. Johnson's Memoirs "The Partisan Rangers"
both available from McDowell Publishing.

Seventeenth  KY Volunteer Infantry, USA
The 17th Kentucky Infantry was organized in 1861 at Calhoon Kentucky, and served to the end of the war in Third Brigade of the Army of the Tennessee. My Union GGG GF John Brackett served in this unit and survived Andersonville.

Gregory Eck
Larryville, GA
 Adam Johnson's 10th Kentucky Cavalry


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