McLean Before 1854

When researching ancestors in McLean County, one should always bear in mind that
the county was not created until 1854, when it was formed from parts of Muhlenberg , Daviess and Ohio counties. Births, deaths, or marriages prior to 1854 will be found in the records of these counties.

Kentucky County Formation/Census Maps

1790 Census Lines. The Green River divides Nelson and Lincoln. 
County Lines from 1810. The Green River divides Ohio and Muhlenberg. 
County Lines from 1820 through the creation of McLean in 1854. The Green River divides Daviess and Muhlenberg. The Daviess and Ohio line drawn here is very approximate.

Created using information from Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920 by William Thornsdale and William Dollarhide. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc
Maps are modifications of a original map from the U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service

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