Friendship Quilt

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The quilt was made during a visit about 1920 to Kentucky by Edmond Gains Bohannon and his son Marvin James Bohannon of Shawnee, Oklahoma.  The quilt is white with twelve red flowers sewn in four rows of three across.  The flowers have been labeled by letter for the purpose of this list.  There is a name on the center of the flower and one or two names have been hand stitched on the pedals.  The names seem to be grouped by family, so this list will keep the names together as they were sewn should this have some significance in tracing family groups.  The names have been written exactly as written and possible changes have been included if the script was hard to decipher.  A space between names indicates a new pedal of the flower.

Flower A 
Mr. & Mrs. Billie Critser 

Harold Critser  
Carol Critser  

Joe Critser  
Mrs. Lucy Tanner Travis  

Mr. & Mrs. J. N. Hardin  

Rev. & Mrs. J. H. Mitchell  
Julema Walker  

Harry Mitchell  
Ruel Mitchell  

Rebecca Ruth Mitchell  
Rena Ball  

Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Ball  
Mr. & Mrs. Volley Rohl  

Rosalyn Critzer  
J.R. Critser

 Flower B


Mr. Mrs. J.K. Sullivan 

Waverly Sullivan 
J.W. Melton 

James Sullivan 
Courtlan Sullivan 

W.I. Smith 
Foy Walker 

Mr. Mrs. F.E. Puckett 

Delia Hill 
Mary Fireline 

J.W. Dillehay 
E.P. Tichenor 

Nina Fireline 
Claude Wall 

Mr. Mrs. H. E. Coleman 

C.H. Ramsey 
J.P. Bailey 

Flower C

Mr. & Mrs. John Tanner

Parrish Bohanon (sic) 

R.M. Tanner 
S.M. Hankins 

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bottom 
J.A. Critser 

Lou Emma Gorman 
Blanche Cole 

Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Bottom 

Frank Griffith 
Emma Craddock 

Willie Coleman 
Mr. & Mrs. H.U. McDaniel 

E.G. Bohannon 
Mr. & Mrs. L. B. Mc Daniel 
Shawnee, Okla. 

J.E. Bell 
Betty Wilson

Flower D 
Bessie Vaught A. Vaught 

Kate Vaught 
Nellie Jarnigan 

J.R. Edds 
Lattie Edds 

Ishmal Miller 

Vinie Presley 
Mary Miller 

C.C. Frasier 
A.B. Sellars 

Olene Mackey 
V.D. Brooks 
Mable Brooks 

Raymond Walker 
Edwin Smith 

A.O. Sutton 
J.D. Pearce 

Chrystal Edds 
Bessie Allen

 Flower E

Roll. Edds Leona . Edds

Mr. & Mrs. J.V. Horner 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde . Edds 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Edds 

Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Edds 

Mr. & Mrs. Odus Spain 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fireline 

Mr. & Mrs. Noah Edds 

Mr. & Mrs. Billie Wilson 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Powel 


 Flower F 

Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Edwards

Charlie Springfield 
Era Edwards 

Byron Edwards 
Flaudice Mackey 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold King 

Mr. & Mrs. Ocie Mackey 

Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Corum 

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Mackey 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Brooks 

Mr. & Mrs. Jewell Edwards 

Mr. & Mrs. Noble Ashby

Flower G 

Maggie Burnett Ellistine Edds  

B.E. Edds 
Kittie Mavis Edds 

J.F. Vaught 
Ure Vaught 

J.B. Alvey 
J.F. Luck 

Everit Osborne 
Mary Osborne 

Maggie Allen 
Ina Edds 

R.L. Hunter 
R.A. Puckett 

Christine Boyle 
Pauline Miller 

Doris West 
Charline West 

B.A. Jones 
Arcalia Jones 

Flower H

River Dale, Ky.

Ona Hill 
Verna Ball 

Earnest Hallie and 
Virgil King 

Mr. & Mrs. Carson Brooks 

Mr. & Mrs. Hurshel Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. Will Cline 

Eva Lee and 
Mable Fireline 

R.H. Royster 
Sebree Banner 

Ralph Majors 
Henry Mackey 

Mary Francis Edds 
Waleen Warren

Flower I 

Mr. & Mrs. L.T. Adams (L?) 

Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Critser 

Mr. & Mrs. Ferd Frasier 

Jim Warren and 
Chrystal Adams 

Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Jenkins 

Thula Jane and 
Frances Jenkins 

Clelia Pearce 
Helen Frasier 

Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Reed 

Mr. & Mrs. G.I. Ashby 
Flower J 

Mr. Mrs. Chester Sharp

Wilma Mackey 
Casette Littlepage 

Mildred Eubank 
Rena Eubank 

Clay Eubank 
Gip Eubank 

Will Sharp 
Grannie Pillow 

Virginia Sharp 
Joyce Sharp 

Mr. Mrs. Edgar Roland 

Mr. Mrs. S.L. West 

Mr. Mrs. Guy Eubank 

Mark West 

Treacie Walker
Flower K 

Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Maynard

Irue Edds 
Ellen Maynard 

WA Ball 
SL Ball 

Paul Hunter 
Mary Hunter 

JW Hancock 
Edd Pillow 
Mr. & Mrs. TH White 

Dorothy Wiggins 
Burnice Walker 
Hugh Shoun 

Vicie (sic) Boston 
Mary Hurnden 
Polley Walker 

Camelia Boston 
Eulah Hust 

Viola Edwards 
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Majors 

AR Sellers 

Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Wright
Flower L

Mr.&Mrs. W.H. Bohannon

Marjorie Bohannon 
Vernon Bohannon 

Thelma Bohannon 
Troy Bohannon 

Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Barnette 

Chester Miller 
Davey Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Miller 

Mrs. Lenna Wallker 
Mrs. Olive Bohannon 

Mr. And Mrs. WV Bohannon 

Dr. & Mrs. WN Duvall 

Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Holt


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