After Squeeze, there is a fun little 3 foot boof. Run as far right as you can and boof heading left. After that, head over to boof left at the end of the next pool on a drop called "Reverse Seven Foot". It's like a small mirror image of Seven Foot Falls on the Chattooga, except that you want to land in the left hand eddy at the bottom to get set up for Zwick's.

The hard part of "Zwick's Backender" is not the part shown in the picture, although the picture is a good view of the consequences. The crux of the rapid is punching the upper hole heading to the right, making sure that you are far enough right to get onto the launching pad without being so far right as to piton on the rocks in the right side of the hole. Slide down the ramp and off the big air boof shown in the picture, being careful not to end up in the hole on river left. I've seen some good boaters exit their kayaks after extended stays in that hole! Fortunately, the log in the hole when this picture was taken is gone now.

The next challenge is "Chief", right below Zwick's. Pat Miljour shows us the main line here, driving to the right across the face of the drop to miss the bad pinning situation. Most folks run the far right hand sneak slot these days, launching into the air and banging down over the rocks. Chief is probably the most dangerous place on the Green, with a pretty bad sieve that you're going over on the main line. Running the sneak, you need to be really careful not to wash backwards through the main line and into the sieve. A cave on the bottom left of the main line keeps it interesting as well.

Stop and catch your breath after Chief, 'cause the feces is about to hit the wind machine in a big way! Next up, the five drops known as "the Gorilla" since Woody Calloway said that whoever ran it first must have had balls the size of a gorilla. Tom Visnius is generally credited with the first run - after he missed the eddy at the notch and went on over.

The first drop of Gorilla is known as the "Pencil Sharpener", due to the most common right hand slot, an eight foot drop barely wide enough for a boat. Other routes include a double drop on the far left, and the "race line" boof right off the launching pad in the middle. Which ever way you run it, make sure that you're in control for the next slot, known as "The Notch".

The Notch is the one that causes the nerves to flare, the mouth to dry out, and other physiological difficulties. The whole river pounds through the 3 foot slot, at a strange angle to the right, with a wall on the left and an undercut on the right, and the huge main drop of Gorilla right below. Lots of folks have theories as to what the best way is to run the thing, but whatever you do, be prepared for anything on the other side of the notch!

After the notch, catch the river right eddy if you can, and get set up for the wild ride over the big drop. My favorite way to run it is to peel out high and get about an arm's length from the left hand wall for the trip off the launching pad. Many people have pitoned here (including myself), so I get a stroke in the launching pad for a boof. At this point, HOLD ON for the rush through the flume and the bang through the hole known as "the speed trap". The picture is of me on the big one. Notice that I am a bit farther right than I have reccomended....I don't go that way any more.

After the speed trap, grab the eddy on the left if you can so that you can get it together for "the Scream Machine", the ten foot drop which is up next. You have to go off it in the middle heading right. Be very careful if the level is higher than 130% because the hole at the base of this drop turns into a monster! There's some great video of this in my video of the first Green River Race. Sorry for the small picture, but here's Heath Cowart running it really far right, with the big drop in the background. Although he'll land on a little rock, he's in good position to catch the eddy before the next drop.

You can try to grab an eddy on the right after Scream Machine, or you can charge right into the final drop of Gorilla, known as Nies' Pieces after Eric Nies who must have had a bad experience there one time. You want to run the double drop heading right to miss a close encounter with the right hand wall as well as the hole at the bottom. Trip is actually catching the eddy half way down lately....a really hot move! Here's me finishing off the drop.

Now that you're through with Gorilla, you have the 25 - 30 long "Power Slide" to contend with. Most folks basically follow the flow on this one and try to melt down through the BIG hole at the bottom. I've seen some pretty wild unintentional rodeo in this one, including a ride of 45 seconds or so that I had in the middle of one February night. Be careful to make sure the person ahead of you has cleared the hole before entering the rapid.

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