Welcome to Leland's Paddle Page, a visually pleasing mix of river stories and information. I live and paddle mostly in the Southeastern US, and I mostly paddle creeks. If you don't like large, high quality photos and videos of steep whitewater, you should probably leave now. Otherwise, surf on in....

It's been left here as a bit of nostalgia - the final phase of my first paddling website which I built in the mid-90s.

My crrent site for everything paddling related:


I've posted a new vid clip from the Cispus River in Washington State. Click Here to view the video. The file is 10 mb.

I've posted a video I threw together from Tretheway Creek, BC this summer. Click Here to view the video. You will need the latest version of Quicktime, and it's a 33mb download. Enjoy!!

Green River Race Results for 2002 are up!!

More Photos! Here are some video stills from Wahington and BC in August, 2002.

I've put up some quick photo galleries from my recent travels. Check out the Grand Canyon backpacking photos from March, or the photos from Idaho and Colorado in May and June.

2001 Green River Race Results!!!!
63 people showed to compete in the biggest Green Race ever this weekend. Check out the Results.

Green River Videos Now Available!!!!
That's right, the long awaited remix of my classic "Playin' in the Back Yard" Video is now ready for public consumption. To receive your copy, please send $22 (cash preferred) to:

After several years I've decided to do a little restructuring and housecleaning on the site. I hope you like what you find! There will also be dates posted with every new bit of news that comes along, so you can tell how slack I've been about updating the site. If there's something that you can't find now, please drop me an email and I'll try to help you get sorted out. Here's how I've arranged it for now:

Green Section - This is where you find Info about the Green River in North Carolina. There is a virtual tour of the infamous Narrows, information on parking at the Big Hungry/Gallimore Creek area, other assorted info on access and releases, and a listing of all past results from the annual Green River Race.

River Tales - Occasionally I have an itch to write about some of my water borne adventures. This is where you can read a few of them.

Photo Galleries - I have loads of good photos, whitewater or otherwise. Cruise on in here to see me and my friends in action.

Video Galleries - In these days of high speed internet access, you can watch all sorts of neat stuff online. Here are some bandwidth intensive showings of footage that I really had no other use for, so I stuck it up here for you to check out. I new videos to the site on 01/21/01, and my squirt boating videos are in there too.

Links Section - This is where you go to find out everything you need to know about where the water is and where it's going to be. Bookmark this tool - it's the coolest part of my site! What I DO NOT provide is links to companies and commercial organizations unless I personally use and enjoy their products, so please don't email me asking me to link your company unless I know you, or unless you plan to send me some free stuff to use and enjoy.

If you like my site, be sure to check out Pyranha.com. That's where the new website I'm building will launch in January or February. There should be loads of great stuff over there!!

Trip Kinney's Thesis is online here! Trip Kinney wrote his master's thesis in anthropology on class V whitewater paddlers. Download it from here:

Thesis for MAC Thesis for PC

Some people have reported problems downloading this. Click here for directions.

That's it for what's in here now. If there's something else you'd like to see please let me know and I'll try to include it in here. Have fun in my site, and write me and let me know what you thought!