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      Last updated 12-21-12

      Taking off pounds, that is.  I am beyond sick and tired of being fat!    On February 07, 2005, something inside me simply snapped.    At that time I weighed 258 pounds.    It's been a while since then, and I've had good results with my new weight loss crusade.    The goal--  To get back to my high school weight of 140 pounds.

     Being a fat person who is also something of a computer nerd, I decided to put up a web page detailing my adventures in dieting.    I know that there are alot of other people who are in the same boat as me.    Since misery loves company, I'd love to have you all watch in on me as I do this thing!   So welcome to "Annie takes off"!

     First the basics about me.   I'm 47 years old, and stand 5'3 and a half.    Here are my current weight stats:

Current Weight as of 12/28/12:

229 Pounds

Weight Loss so far:

29 Pounds

Weight Loss Needed to hit Goal:

89 Pounds

Webpage Updates

01/03/09 None as of late.    Still doing my weekly updates, though.

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