-= About =-

The page display is what I like to strike the keyboard with. Gray background with a black font. It Does not hurt the eyes, from the glare or reflection, of a white page. Also, I use Courier New pt8. The characters at least to my eyes are somewhat lighter and smoother in texture.

-= Display =-

To display Ascii-art, this type of text art you should use a fixedwidth font such as, other wise it tends to look crunched. There are others, I think that these are the most commonly used. 1. Courier New 2. Lucida Console 3. Fixedsys There are others. If you have further question a good source is the Frequently Ask Questions from the various news groups.

Read at your leisure Ascii-Art-Faq

-= Useage =-

Yes, you may use under a few conditions. ...Please leave the initials on the picture. ...For non-commercial use only.
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