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A Bibliography of Lincoln Materials

Compiled by Daniel E. Pearson

The above links will lead to what I believe are comprehensive bibliographies of Lincoln material printed since 1990. In that year, Lincoln Lore, the publication of the Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ceased printing their "Cumulative Bibliography." Since then, I have taken it upon myself to continue to keep track of the Lincolniana published each year.

I have maintained Lincoln Lore's numbering system, by which each entry bears a two-part number. The first part is the year of publication, the second being the order in which I inspect or discover each item. The whole for each year is listed alphabetically by author. I make every attempt to personally inspect each item I list, but that often proves impractical or impossible. In cases where I have inspected a given item, the listing includes an exact transcription of the title page, followed by a physical description of the piece, and if necessary, my justification for including it as "Lincolniana."

In cases where I have not inspected the actual publication, I use a standard bibliographical description, giving as much detail as possible. In these instances, I have placed an asterisk (*) behind the bibliographical number assigned to that title. If you happen to have access to a copy so designated, and wish to provide me with a description, please email me (see my e-mail link below) I would be most pleased to add that information to the file.

In recent years I have chosen to list juvenile titles separately, adding a "J" prefix to their bibliographic number. These titles can be found at the end of all lists.

I learned early on that it would be next to impossible to catch every published Lincoln title without help from other Lincoln enthusiasts. I am grateful to Frank J. Williams, author and President of the Lincoln Forum, and Kim Bauer from the Illinois State Historical Library, as co-laborers in documenting the publication of Lincoln works. Tom Trescott and Daniel Weinberg of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop have also offered valuable counsel through the years. I also extend my thanks to Rob Leete for providing invaluable information on Lincoln periodicals.

Please note that my definition of "Lincolniana" is quite different from that used by previous Lincoln bibliographers. For a brief essay on my rationale in using a new definition, follow the What is "Lincolniana"? link below.

The Essential 155

Many beginning scholars and collectors often ask about the "basic" titles one should concentrate on when assembling a Lincoln library. Daniel Weinberg, the proprietor of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago, and I have collaborated on such a list of basic Lincolniana. The link below will take you to our list of the 155 essential titles that belong in every Lincoln library. This link is brought to you courtesy of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, whose site can be accessed through my "Dealers" page.

Lincoln Lore Cumulative Bibliography Index,

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

Now available online in a word-searchable format, the Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln offers instant access of Lincoln's words to all Lincoln scholars. This is a project of the Abraham Lincoln Association, who plan to add other Lincoln resources to the world wide web, including Lincoln Day-by-Day. The Collected Works can be accessed through the ALA website.

Making of America Online Books

The Making of America (MOA) digital library is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and Cornell University to provide a source of primary sources of information on the social history of America from the antebellum period through Reconstruction. Funded by the Andrew W, Mellon Foundation, the database now contains images of over 4,000 books and 50,000 journal articles from the mid-19th century. Among these are 8 full Lincoln Books and hundreds of journal articles concerning or mentioning the 16th President.

A list of available Lincoln books can be found by following the "MOA Books" link below. A search form for articles can be found by using the "MOA Search" link, and the Making of America home page can be seen by clicking the "MOA Home" link.


Thomas offers information on current and recent action taken by the United States Congress . The link below will take you to the Thomas web page, where you can search for Abraham Lincoln related references.

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