Book Reviews

Listed below are links to several reviews of recently published Lincoln-related books. I offer these reviews as thumb-nail sketches of recent scholarship in the field of Civil War studies. Please bear in mind that the opinions expressed in each are my own, and not the product of any other author or publisher. Enjoy!


Blood On the Moon The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

by Edward Steers Jr.

Lincoln's Assassins: Their Trial and Execution

by James L. Swanson and Daniel R. Weinberg

Absolutely, Mister Sickles? Positively, Mr. Field!
New Light on the Eugene "Pinny" Field II and Harry Dayton Sickles Forgery Case

by William L. Butts

A Catalog of the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana in the Library of Congress

Abraham Lincoln: The Lawyer - Statesman

by John T. Richards

Lincoln the Litigant

By William H. Townsend

Abraham Lincoln on Screen: A Filmography, 1903-1998

By Mike S. Reinhart

Inside the White House in War Times:
Memoirs and Reports of Lincoln's Secretary by William G. Stoddard

Edited by Michael Burlingame

Lincoln As I Knew Him: Gossip, Tributes and Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies
Edited by Harold Holzer

The Lincoln Forum: Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg and the Civil War
edited by John Y. Simon, Harold Holzer, and William D. Pederson

Laura Keene:
A British Actress on the American Stage, 1826-1873

by Vernanne Bryan

Meeting Mr. Lincoln: Firsthand Recollections of Abraham Lincoln by People, Great and Small, Who Met the President
by Victoria Radford

A Reporter's Lincoln
by Walter B. Stevens, Edited and Expanded by Michael Burlingame

The Civil War 100:
A Ranking of the Most Influential People in the War Between the States

by Robert Wooster

The Day Lincoln Was Shot: An Illustrated Chronicle
by Richard Bak

When the Bells Tolled for Lincoln: Southern Reaction to the Assassination
by Carolyn Harrell

The Lincoln Mailbag: Letters to the President, 1861-1865
by Harold Holzer

Lincoln's Deathbed in Art and Memory: "The Rubber Room" Phenomenon
by Harold Holzer and Frank J. Williams

His Name Is Still Mudd: The Case Against Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd
by Edward Steers, Jr.

Herndon's Informants: Letters, Interviews, and Statements About Abraham Lincoln
by Douglas L. Wilson and Rodney O. Davis, editors

Lincoln Before Washington: New Perspectives on the Illinois Years.
by Douglas L. Wilson