Lincoln Lore Cumulative Bibliography Index, 1940-1989

Lincoln Lore Bibliography

After the publication of Jay Monaghan's Lincoln Bibliography, 1839-1939, the only systematic effort to assemble comprehensive lists of newly published Lincolniana was performed by the editors of Lincoln Lore. Published the the Lincoln National Life Foundation (now known as the Lincoln Museum) of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lincoln Lore endeavored to keep Lincoln students abreast of all new Lincoln titles. Fastidious and detailed during the earlier years of this arduous task, it later became a process carried out by committee, which unfortunately resulted in the lists being less comprehensive during the later years. The effort was abandoned after the publication of the 1989 books and pamphlets.

Users of the Cumulative Bibliographies are further hampered by the fact that no master index exists for the complete run. A fairly complete index was published in 1967 for the first 1,500 issues, or through the February 1963 issue. All one can turn to after this date were individual indexes published each year. To further complicate matters, books and pamphlets were numbered consecutively in the order in which the item was received or examined. Thus, in order to find a particular item, one has to page through the Cumulative Bibliographies scanning for the title or author.

After years of frustration, I finally broke down and indexed the Cumulative Bibliographies by author. I have two reasons for placing it on this website. First and foremost, I hope that it will aid researchers and collectors in utilizing these fine bibliographies assembled by the Lincoln National Life staff over the years. But I also hope to reveal that a great deal of Lincoln material was overlooked in the process. I would hazard to guess that, especially from the 1970s on, as much material was missed or discounted as was included in Lincoln Lore's Cumulative Bibliography.

The file is arranged alphabetically by author. Use your browser's "Find" option to search for title, author, or bibliographic number. Each listing provides the author or publisher's name, title of publication, bibliographic number, and the Lincoln Lore issue number in which the given title can be found. This latter number will appear in parentheses.

Note: This file is approximately 260K in size