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The Gilder Lehrman Collection
on Deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City

The Gilder Lehrman is one of the largest collections of American historical document in private hands. On deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, it is not an assemblage of material sitting idly in an institution. On the contrary, the benefactors, Richard Gilder and Lewis E. Lehman have devoted the collections and their philanthropic resources to work advancing the study of American history nation. Among their many and varied projects are sponsorship of the annual Lincoln Prize and the Frederick Douglass Book Prize, the fostering of history magnet schools and departments for high school students, scholarly fellowships, and public programs and exhibitions. Their website contains links to all their programs, including the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, which contains a number of resources for teachers and students.



The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

#1 Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701-1507
(217) 785-9130

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln is a new project, begun in 2001, which seeks to update, expand, and digitize the know works by Sixteenth President. An outgrowth of the Lincoln Legals project, the new endeavor will organize Lincoln's writings into there series: Series I will encompass the nearly completed Lincoln Legals Project; Series II., Illinois Papers will incorporate all non-legal documents written before Lincoln became President on March 4, 1861; Series III, Presidential Papers will contain material produced until the date of his death.

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln is approaching 50 years old, and the goal of this project is to update Lincoln's writings, include letters and other documents addressed to him and make the whole more accessible, perhaps through the internet.

The project is now seeking copies of letters and documents to and from Abraham Lincoln, and tax deductible donations to help get the project underway. The project is now publishing a quarterly newsletter called Lincoln Editor.


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

The idea of an Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library has been floating about for a number of years, but this project now seems closer to fruition than ever. With funding necessary from the United States government, the State of Illinois, and the City of Springfield. With a projected cost of $115 million, the library and museum will provide visitors with unparalleled access to the life story of the nation's greatest president.

Visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library's website at:

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Abraham Lincoln Online

Abraham Lincoln Online is flat-out THE place to start when searching for Lincoln material on the web. It is, without a doubt, the finest Lincoln website in existence! Abraham Lincoln Online serves as a clearinghouse for information on what is new in the Lincoln field. It offers a wide variety of links to other Lincoln-related sites, as well as the ever popular "Lincoln Mailbag." I cannot recommend this site highly enough!

The Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress

In an ambitious project to make the Abraham Lincoln Papers in the Library of Congress available to researchers via the world wide web, the Library has entered into a partnership with the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College. Launched on February 12, 2000, the first installment of these historic documents, 2,200 documents comprising about 6,500 individual pages from Series I of the papers, are now available.

The documents can be accessed through a browse mode or through a keyword search. Once a particular document is identified, you are give an actual image of the piece. Also available for download is a high quality jpeg image of the document. For those who have difficulty reading 19th century handwriting, a transcription of the document is also available.

Plans call for the entire collection of the Lincoln Papers to be made available on the web, with another major release set for October 2000. This material will be a boon to both professional and amateur historians.

Abraham Lincoln Papers

Washington During the Civil War: The Diary of Horation Nelson Taft

Horatio Nelson Taft was a civil service employee assigned to the Patent Office during the Buchanan administration. His children, Horatio Nelson Taft Jr., or "Bud," and eleven-year-old Halsey Cook Taft, called "Holly," were playmates of the Lincoln children from 1861 until the death of Willie Lincoln. Daughter Julia Taft was also a frequent visitor to the White House, and quickly became a favorite of the President. In her later years, Julia would write a poplar memoir of the Taft children in the White House.

Horatio Nelson Taft's diaries were unknown until the were donated to the Library of Congress in 2000 by Mrs. Willoughby Davis of Falls Church, Virginia. The diaries not only shed light on the Taft's relationship with the Lincolns, but also give a fresh insight into wartime Washington.


Abraham Lincoln Association

The Abraham Lincoln Association, headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, is the oldest nationally organized Lincoln group. In its 90 year existence it has undertaken a number projects to ensure that Abraham Lincoln's legacy will endure forever. Among their accomplishments is the publication of several books, including The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, published in 1953. The ALA has recently made the Collected Works available online is a word-searchable database. The new tool offers unprecedented access to Lincoln's words to both amateur and professional historians alike.

As benefits of membership, the ALA offers two excellent publications. The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association (left), published twice a year, contains scholarly articles on Lincoln and his times. For The People (right) is a new quarterly newsletter that reports on ALA new and happenings, as well as shorter pieces of a historical nature.

The Lincoln Forum

Founded in 1996, the Lincoln Forum offers people on the eastern coast of the United States an opportunity to meet each year in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The annual gathering is timed to coincide with the anniversary celebration of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on November 19. Their goals and aims are best summed up in their Statement of Purpose:

"The Lincoln Forum is an assembly of people who share a deep interest in the life and times of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era. Through a roster of activities and projects including symposia, tours, student essay competitions, a newsletter and an annual award to recognize special contributions to the field of Lincoln studies, the Forum endeavors to enhance the understanding and preserve the memory of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Forum supports all Civil War and Lincoln groups that similarly strive to help succeeding generations learn and benefit from the study of Lincoln."

Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic

The Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic is a nonprofit organization dedicated "to provide informal education for metropolitan Washington and Mid-Atlantic area educators, governmental and community leaders, and the general public on the latest academic-quality scholarship concerning the life, career, and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln." The organization sponsors quarterly seminars and an annual symposium featuring prominent scholars from the Mid-Atlantic region and the nation. The group also publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Lincoln National News.

More information on the Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic can be obtained by writing:

Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic
721 Dartmouth Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 202-707-2017

Or you can access their website by clicking on the following Link:

Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic

The American Civil War

Insiders Guide to Civil War Sites
If you are planning a trip to visit any of America's Civil War Sites, this website is a must. Offering details on 21 different areas of interest, it offers the tourist adequate background information to make their visit much more enjoyable. Many of the tours outlined include prominent Lincoln sites.

Jews in the Civil War
A most interesting sites that details the role of Jews in the Civil War. This site has several sections that directly pertain to Lincoln's interaction with Jews and Jewish issues, including the infamous General Order #11, which attempted to expel all Jews from areas under the control of the Department of the Tennessee.

United States Civil War Center
An index of Civil War Information available on the Internet, contains a listing of more than 350 Civil War related internet links. Includes an outstanding list of Civil War bibliographies.


Apologia Book Shoppe
Offers a number of anti-Lincoln lectures available of cassette tape. Here one will find titles like "The Evil Empire," "Lincoln & Lenin," and "The Real Abe Lincoln."

America's Caesar by Greg Loren Durand
Subtitled "Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire," this book-length manuscript take issue with Lincoln's interpretation of his Constitutional war powers and the South's right to secede.

Artifacts and Collectibles

A Specialized Collection of United States Essays and Proofs
A web page dedicated to essays and proofs of United States postage and revenue stamps. A must for the Lincoln philatelist.

Abraham Lincoln Collectibles
A commercial sites the sells Lincoln collectibles including Lloyd Ostendorf prints and books and souvenir bricks from the Lincoln home in Springfield, Illinois.

Supposed Photograph of Abraham Lincoln
Presents a photograph of a young man owned by Albert Kaplan, which he claims to be an early portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

The Assassination

Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
A private research project offering a wide range of information regarding the Lincoln assassination. Extremely well done and well illustrated, this is an excellent site for students, young and old, to learn more about this dark chapter in our country's history.

The Day Lincoln Was Shot
A site devoted to the TNT original movie, The Day Lincoln Was Shot, which premiered on April 12, 1998.

The Death Of John Wilkes Booth, 1865
Essentially presents the testimony given at the conspiracy trial by Lieutenant Edward Doherty, who was instrumental in capturing David Herold and the killing of John Wilkes Booth.

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum Home Page
Website for Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Society, Inc., which preserves and operates the Mudd house and museum. Presents a view very much sympathetic to Mudd and his involvement in the assassination conspiracy.

FBI Files on John Wilkes Booth
Files released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Freedom of Information Act concerning the rumor that John Wilkes Booth escaped capture and lived a long and healthy life. Centers on correspondence files of William J. Burns. Also reports on a 1948 examination of Booth's riding boot and the 1977 inspection of Booth's diary. Records are downloadable pdf files and viewable with Adobe Acrobat reader.

Ford's Theatre National Historic Site
A official site sponsored by the Ford's Theatre National Historic Site, part of the National Park Service. This site offers a wealth of information on the assassination, concentrating particularly on the role of Ford's Theatre, and its history before and after April 14, 1865.

John Wilkes Booth: A Brutus of His Age
A multi-page online book by author Joseph Geringer, and presented by Dark Horse Multimedia. A curious look at the assassin Booth.

The Lincoln Flag
The flag that adorned the presidential box at Ford's Theatre on April 14, 1865, and later used to cradle the head the the just assassinated President Lincoln, is now owned by the Pike County Historical Society in Milford, Pennsylvania . Read about the recent authentication of the artifact at the above listed website.

Papal Conspiracy Theory
From the website Reformation Online: The Information Superhighway to Heaven (!), this site revives the age-old theory that Lincoln was assassinated as a result of a Papal conspiracy. A link reprints chapter XVIII of T.M. Harris' Assassination of Lincoln: A History of the Great Conspiracy, regarding the escape of John H. Surratt and his position as a Papal Guard at the Vatican.

The Peterson House
The boarding house located across the street from Ford's Theatre, in which Lincoln died on the morning of April 15, 1865. Operated by the National Park Service.

The Search for the Real John Wilkes Booth
Reprint of an article by M. Christopher New, which originally appeared in the March 1993 issue of America's Civil War.

The Surratt House
The Surratt Society cares for the home of Mary Surratt, who was hanged as a Conspirator in the assassination of Lincoln. In Addition to the excellent website, they also offer as a benefit of membership one of the best Lincoln-related newsletters around!

The Web of Conspiracy
Subtitled "News Reports of the Conspiracy Trial," this site is by Lincoln assassination scholar Betty Ownsbey. Handsomely packaged and carefully researched, the material offered here represents a significant contribution to Lincolniana. Highly recommended!

Wet With Blood: The Investigation of Mary Todd Lincoln's Cloak
This site, a collaborative effort between the Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University, presents a physical and historical examination of the cloak Mary Todd Lincoln was reported to have worn on the night of her husband's assassination. But this interactive site offers more than a look at the cloak, it provides a highly entertaining and informative presentation of the assassination. One word of warning is offered: be prepared to devote a large amount of time to this site, it is so engaging that you'll want to see it all!

Books and Authors

For an extensive list of dealers specializing in new, used and rare books, please refer to my "Dealers" page.

Carl Sandburg Home State Historic Site
Maintained by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, the Galesburg home where author Carl Sandburg has been restored to reflect the living conditions of a late 19th century working class household. Behind the home is "Remembrance Rock," under which the ashes of Sandburg and his wife are buried.

Carl Sandburg Home - Flat Rock, North Carolina
A National Historic Site, Carl Sandburg's home in Flat Rock, is where the poet/author spent the last 22 years of his life. This National Park Service website offers a brief glimpse at the preserved home.

James M. McPherson
The site for the 2000 Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The lecture, "For a Vast Future Also: Lincoln and the Millennium" was delivered March 27, 200 at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In addition to the text of the lecture, this site contains background information on McPherson, excepts from his books, and an interview. Very entertaining and informative!


The Emancipation Proclamation
A featured exhibit on the National Archives website featuring illustrations of the official Proclamation on deposit there.

Freedmen and Southern Society Project - Chronology of Emancipation During the Civil War
Taken from Free at Last: A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War, this page documents the important events that led up to the Emancipation of African Americans from slavery in the United States.

Six Historic Americans: Abraham Lincoln
The text of a book by Robert Ingersoll, with an introduction by John E. Remsburg. Ingersoll seeks to prove that Abraham Lincoln not a Christian. Very provocative reading.

Faith and Religion

Lincoln's Faith in God
An essay on Lincoln's faith by Gordon Leictner on the Great American History website.

Genealogy and Family

Abraham Lincoln, A Rutherford County Native
A site that tries to resurrect the old story that Lincoln was born in Rutherford County, North Carolina, the son of Nancy Hanks and Abraham Enlow.

Mary Todd Lincoln
A site dedicated to listing resources available to researchers studying the life of Mary Todd Lincoln.

Mary Todd Lincoln Research Site
A colorful and well-done website on a colorful First Lady. Presents an in depth look at the life story of Mary Lincoln in words and photographs.

General Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln
General biographical information.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
This site is part of a larger project, "From Revolution to Reconstruction: A Hypertext on American History." It offers a wide-ranging look at the history on the American nation in hypertext, which features keywords linked to pages expounding on certain concepts and individuals. Great for students.

Abraham Lincoln: A Leader of Honor
A general website dedicated to free educational information about our 16th president. In addition to general biographical information, the web author provides information on Lincoln's Faith in God , Lincoln Wins the Republican Nomination in 1860, The Thirteenth Amendment and Lincoln's Involvement
Abraham Lincoln, and Stephen A. Douglas: Enemies or Friends?

Abraham Lincoln: Dates and Places
A portion of the "Lincoln - An Illinois Gateway Special Feature" website, this page offers a detail chronology of the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Sixteenth President 1861-1865 - The White House
Short biographies of Abraham and Mary Lincoln from the official White House web page. Includes portraits, texts of both Inaugural Addresses, and familiar quotations.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site
A privately maintained, and very well done, site covering Lincoln's life. An excellent place for students of all ages to get a detailed examination of the life of Lincoln.

Great American History - Abraham Lincoln
A page written by author Gordon Leidner, whose most recent book is A Commitment to Honor: A Unique Portrait of Abraham Lincoln in His Own Words. Leidner offers a wide range of information on Lincoln and the Civil War.

The History Place - A. Lincoln
Great introductory site regarding Lincoln. Includes a time line biography, Lincoln photographs and hypertext links to primary source documents written by the sixteenth president.

The Internet Library - POTUS - Abraham Lincoln
A page from The internet Library, this site offers a great starting point in studying the life of Lincoln. Lots of basic information and links for further exploration and study.

Midwest Today
A brief sketch of the life of Abraham Lincoln by Larry Jordan. On the website of Midwest Today, a a regional magazine published in Panora, Iowa.

Groups and Associations

The Abraham Lincoln Association
The oldest national Lincoln group, the Abraham Lincoln Association is based in Lincoln's hometown, Springfield, Illinois. In addition to an annual symposium held in February of each year, the Association sponsors a number of Lincoln related programs and publishes the bi-yearly Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association.

The Lincoln Group of New York
This page includes general information about the group, a listing of executive and award committee members, and a calendar of upcoming events.

The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania
This organization oversees the annual celebration of the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, held on November 19 of each year. The website contains the texts of addresses delivered by past speakers at these commemorative events.

The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia, Inc.
One of the most distinguished regional Lincoln groups in the nation. In addition to regular meetings, the group also publishes a bimonthly newsletter, The Lincolnian.

Historic Sites and Monuments

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site
Website of the National Park Service's site near Hodgenville, Kentucky. Location on the original Sinking Spring farm where Lincoln was born, it houses a memorial building in which rests a cabin representative of the one in which Lincoln first saw life in 1809. If you have a VRML-capable browser, you can take a virtual tour of the Memorial Building in real time--very cool!

David Davis Mansion, Bloomington, Illinois
In addition to its historical importance, being the residence of former Supreme Court Justice, and close friend of Abraham Lincoln, David Davis, the home is also an outstanding example of the mid-Victorian style of architecture. It is now an Illinois State Historic Site.

Hildene was Robert Todd Lincoln's summer home located near Manchester, Vermont. This website offers a brief tour of the facilities, educational links, special events, as well as information on how to become a "Friend of Hildene."

Lincoln-Tallman House, Janesville, Wisconsin
Contains an avi Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Minute from PBS affiliated television station featuring Maurice Montgomery from the Rock County, Wisconsin, Historical Society, relating an anecdote from Lincoln stay at the Janesville home of William Morris Tallman in 1859.

Lincoln Black Hawk Monument
Details of a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln and Chief Black Hawk to be erected near Oregon, Illinois. Bronze maquettes of the statue can be purchased with the proceeds going toward the creation of the monument.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
The homepage of the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial in southern Indiana, a National Park Service site. Gives you a virtual tour of the impressive visitor's center, the grave of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, and the living history cabin site.

Lincoln Homestead State Park - Springfield, Kentucky
Reconstructed boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas. Also on this site is the Berry Home, in which Nancy Hanks lived while being courted by Thomas Lincoln.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site
The crown jewel of the Lincoln sites in Springfield, the Lincoln Home site not only preserves the Lincoln home, but the entire four block neighborhood in which it sits. This website provides a wealth of information on Lincoln, particularly his home life and how he interacted with the community around him.

Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site
Sponsored by the Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency, this site is dedicated to the "Goosenest Prairie" home of Thomas and Sarah Lincoln, Abraham's father and step-mother. The site is located nears Charleston, Illinois.

Lincoln's New Salem Historic Site
Operated by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Lincoln New Salem Historic Site is a reconstruction of Lincoln's first home after leaving his family as an adult. This site offers a virtual tour of the village as well as a calendar of special events.

Mr. Lincoln's White House
This page, assembled by the Gilder Lerhman Institute of American History, takes an exhaustive look at the Lincoln White House. Included are pages on the physical details of the Executive Mansion, and the Lincoln family's residence there. A highly recommended site!

Sarah Bush Lincoln Memorial
Located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, this small park contains a reconstructed cabin representing the home of Sarah Bush Johnston, the widow who became Abraham Lincoln's beloved step-mother in 1819..

The Lincoln Memorial
The "Virtual Visitor's Center" for the Lincoln Memorial, located on the mall in Washington, D.C. Contains detailed information on the building and architecture, as well as general information on the man the building commemorates.

Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site
The Lincoln Tomb, located in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, is the burial place of Lincoln and all the members of his immediate family except for eldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln. The tomb is now under the care of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency .

Map of Springfield, Illinois, 1867
A great map of Springfield published in 1867, showing detailed drawings of the structures in the capital city. You can zoom in of specific areas of the map for an extremely detailed view of any section of the town. A really cool resource!

Vandalia Statehouse
Provides a detailed history of the old Illinois statehouse located in Vandalia, Illinois. It was here that Lincoln began his career as a state legislator, and here where he skillfully steered a bill through the legislature moving the capital to Springfield. The site is an Illinois State Historic Site under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Preservation Agency.

Libraries, Museums, and Collections

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization
Based at Northern Illinois University at DeKalb, this site is the result of a collaboration between several Illinois-based institution seeking to make Lincoln related resources available on the Internet. Pilot pages include a very comprehensive listing of Lincoln presidential campaign songs.

Abraham Lincoln Museum, Lincoln Memorial University
Features highlights from the fabulous collection assembled in the Abraham Lincoln Museum at LMU, located in Harrogate, Tennessee.

Boston University Lincoln Collection
The page offers a brief overview of the Boston University Lincoln Collection, which is built around the F. Lauriston Bullard and Edward C. Stone Collections. Of particular use to Lincoln book enthusiasts is a Telnet link to the BU library card catalog.

Chicago Historical Society
Reprints an article from the Spring 1996 issue of Chicago History titled "Abraham Lincoln and the Chicago Historical Society" by Russell Lewis. Also offers an interesting selection of photos related to Lincoln memorabilia from the collection of the CHS.

Papers of David Rankin Barbee
Georgetown University: The Lauinger Library's Special Collections Division at Georgetown University contains the papers of David Rankin Barbee. Barbee was a journalist and an officeholder if FDR's administration. After his retirement, Barbee conducted extensive research on Lincoln and the assassination. The index to his papers is available online.

The Library of Congress
The databases of the Library of Congress is available online. All acquisitions made since 1975 are included. Some material acquired before 1973 is also available, but these archives are not complete. You can search by author, title, subject, Library of Congress number, ISBN, or Dewey Decimal number.

Lincoln Documents in the Illinois State Archives
A listing of the Lincoln documents in the collection of the Illinois State Archives in Springfield.

The Lincoln Museum - Fort Wayne, Indiana
The Lincoln Museum, sponsored by the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, houses the largest Lincoln collection and library in private hands. Their website will give you are good taste of what you can expect when visiting this world class institution.

The Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College
This page outlines the mission and goal of the new Lincoln Studies Center, situated at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. The center was founded by two distinguished Lincoln scholars, Rodney O. Davis and Douglas L. Wilson.

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library - The Library of Congress
An absolutely outstanding effort by the Library of Congress to make comprehensive data about Abraham Lincoln available online. The Manuscript Division and the Rare Books and Special Collections Division have collaborated to make this site a reality. Currently, two major projects are complete, those being in-depth looks at the Emancipation Proclamation and the Assassination. a "must see" site!

Museum of American Political Life
Located at the University of Hartford (Connecticut), the museum offers a treasure trove of material culture of American politics.

New York Public Library
Perhaps the largest public library in the world, the NYPL contains an outstanding collection of Lincoln titles. Their catalog is available for searching or browsing.

What George Wore and Sally Didn't - Abraham Lincoln
A selection of Lincoln memorabilia from the collection of the Chicago Historical Society.

Lincoln Impersonators

The Association of Lincoln Presenters
This group is composed of hundreds of performing artist who impersonate Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. Their website outlines the mission of the group, a membership directory, links page, and how you can join and become an "Abe" yourself. A really fun look at this important group of educators and entertainers!

There are more Abraham Lincoln's around now than there was in 1860! While there was only one true Prairie President, there are now literally hundreds of ladies and gentlemen who portray Abraham and Mary Lincoln in theatrical and educations settings. They have banded together in an organization called the Association of Abraham Lincoln Presenters. Many of these Lincoln portrayers have web pages. I offer links to each below:

Gerald Bestrom
Ralph Borror
Charles Brame
Dean Dorrell
James Getty
Fritz Klein
Lance Mack
B.F. McClerren and Dorothy McClerren
Fred and Bonnie Priebe
Lee Williams


Lincoln in Buffalo, New York
This site documents Lincoln's two appearances in Buffalo, New York. The first visit was in 1861 during Lincoln's tour of the Northern states enroot to his inauguration as president. The second was the occasion of Lincoln's funeral journey back to Springfield after his assassination, which roughly traced the route of his inaugural trip.

Lincoln in Kansas
An interesting story of Lincoln's visit to the state of Kansas to deliver a political speech in December 1859.

Lincoln in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A detailed article reprinted from The Pittsburgh Evening Chronicle of February 15, 1861, which details Lincoln stop in Pittsburgh during his inaugural journey.


Extensive runs of Harper's Weekly, comprising the Civil War years and the period of Reconstruction, have been digitized, indexed, and made available to scholars. Though the price for these publications restrict their availability to only the largest or most well-endowed libraries, the importance of this project cannot be overemphasized.

The Lincoln Herald
Official publication of The Abraham Lincoln Museum at Lincoln Memorial University University, The Lincoln Herald is one of the leading and most respected journals in the field.

The Lincoln Legal Papers
Chronicles the project to document the history of the law career of Abraham Lincoln. Provides the details of the project, along with online back issues of their quarterly newsletter, The Lincoln Legal Briefs.

The Rail Splitter
Published by Jonathan Mann, more information about this publication can be found on my "Periodicals" page.

Photographs and Prints

Civil War Photographs Home Page, Time Line of The Civil War, 1865
Time line of the Civil War told in pictures. Contains an extensive section of photos on the Lincoln assassination.

Also see, Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library - The Library of Congress

Politics, the Law, and the Presidency

Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858
A recap of the seven sites for the Lincoln-Douglas Debates between Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.

Lincoln Wins the 1860 Republican Nomination
A reprint of an article, "Lincoln Outfoxed Seward for the Nomination," by Gordon Leictner. It appeared in The Washington Times Civil War Page on August 10, 1996.

Trivia and Minutiae

The Lincoln-Kennedy Assassinations Coincidences Page
An exhaustive list of coincidences between the lives and assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. What does it all prove? Not much really, but it is a bit provocative to ponder.

The Story of Lincoln's Whiskers
Tells about Grace Bedell's possible involvement in Lincoln's decision to grow a beard after his election to the presidency.


Abraham Lincoln: A sermon preached in Philadelphia by Phillips Brooks
Text of a funeral sermon delivered as part of the Lincoln funeral services held in Philadelphia.

Cooper Institute Speech
The entire text of Lincoln's Cooper Institute Speech, delivered on February 27, 1860, can be found on the website of the Northwestern University's School of Speech.

Gettysburg Address
This comprehensive site, part of the Library of Congress' website, has everything you could want to know about the Gettysburg Address. This includes transcriptions of all the versions of the speech, photos of Lincoln on the speakers stand, and the preservation techniques used on the LOC's copies of the Address. And if that's not enough, the address is translated into 28 different non-English languages.

Lincoln and the Declaration of Independence, a User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence, offers a Founder's Library page featuring Lincoln's thoughts on that great document. In addition to a number of speeches and writings by Lincoln touching upon the Declaration, this site contains the entire text of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Sponsored by the Claremont Institute, this site is an excellent resource!

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
The Complete texts of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates can be found at the site, " A User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence." Follow the link to "Founder's Library" on the home page. But be forewarned: this is an outstanding site in which a student of American history and government can get lost for hours!

Lincoln's Acceptance of an Honorary Degree from Princeton University
Text of the letter Lincoln wrote to Princeton President Dr. John McLean. From the website, "A Princeton Companion."

Lincoln's Speeches, Letters, and Writings
Abraham Lincoln Online offers a large archive of Lincoln's words. Until the entire Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln are made available online (and this project is in the works) this archive is you best bet for finding that elusive Lincoln passage.

Writings of Abraham Lincoln
A selection of Lincoln's words from his letters and speeches.

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